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  1. zenith's is more convincing but fatality's is more impressive. It is very impressive to pull 130, but in all pictures+videos have 180 capes do you agree with the level of impressiveness @puppyslush
  2. i agree tannie's version of fearless was a laughing stock and tannie has 0 confidence to ever open a clan again.
  3. i agree the pure community is tired of zenith pulling 100+ and taking #1 both scenes for most of the weekends of 2020
  4. if u care to be embarrassed flip to like 0:45 and watch the top right part of screen
  5. lmfao, actual weirdos obsessing over what other internet users on the internet look like. pathetic constituents
  6. referring to his sister as a "sister" and then the very next sentence referring that same sister to a "him" is the biggest troll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. fatality should hire more main clans to fight their rivalry for them, fucking cats turtles
  8. nonono snipe team got closed by doom i agree
  9. looked like u only killed 1 whole zenith member looked extremely boring, ngl
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