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  1. Imagine not rioting with your brothers and electing to snipe on a main on runescape over the weekend instead @Bvb Returnz

  2. cant believe i watched this only to see ly have 43 more capes then zenith in the beginning of video and then 15 mins into the fight when zenith dropped enough of ly's afk mains they were now down on capes compared to zenith and had to run north holy lol
  3. no fuckin shit sherlock u think this community is blind? literally no1 replies to their topics besides the same 5 foreign downies who don't care that they bring mains because they have no friends irl. now go fix your quality!
  4. its so satisfying watching ly mains die without eating because they are too busy focusing on their pure who is also receiving the dick ngl i killed an ly main today that didn't eat and then traded his pixels away cuz i dont play
  5. that looked like what Doom would do to OP all the time!
  6. Zenith does not have the quality to take down the CP mains today! Jeez tho, act like u been there before, eh guess you haven't.
  7. someone please go fix my boy's in Zenith's quality.

  8. Tf is wrong with Zenith's quality?


    asking for friend

    1. Zalmon


      Imagine pretending to be KJ

      lmao cringe

    2. Doom kJ

      Doom kJ

      not pretending,


      this is the real i

  9. i have no idea what resistance is but i doubt u could beat them in prep
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