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  1. i walked ly from ca to east graves x2 i don't know what else there is to say
  2. the distance between ca and east graves singles is quite the distance, I don't recommend legacy clan venturing out that far past east graves as they will be quickly sent back.
  3. they we I agree though, Zenith will not be allowing LY to pk this upcoming weekend (Been the theme for most of the year)
  4. Woah Sandra is around, that is a blast from the past!!! Should stop by Zenith community and say hi to Hormone/Callum(Lol Spooned)/Eat Dark Bow/Rob(Blurred Pker)
  5. why are you talking about LY's non-existent fake aftermath topic of 300+ replies of 3 fake sb accounts
  6. they are busy leading a rivalry by a land slide no reason to waste time with foc rn l0l
  7. I'm sorry I can't hear you crying over all the noise my baller accounts are making.
  8. his clan was in a rivalry they lost theirs though. What was your clan thinking starting a rivalry with foc? @F3ar
  9. wheres the fake aftermath topic of the same 3 rejects spamming it over and over again?

  10. > Teams with vennies and pays them hundreds of mils to aid >> Complains about teaming feels great to be a baller and on the winning side no wonder why olympiss was a beta clan
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