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  1. ahahaha look at their guest board activity aahahaha foh homie
  2. Theres been hundreds and hundreds of clans dating back to 2005, sharkbrew archive only has a small fraction @Edjez
  3. Lets create a list of every pure clan ever created. Whoever posts a detailed list in alphabetical order will edit topic and give u credit. Ok go!
  4. Approx 10 years ago! Wow does time fly.
  5. That's cool, but had it been vs Doom it probably would have put you in the Loss column
  6. i can confirm that doom and zenith were the greatest clans ever established
  7. The Dome discord 

    1. Zenith kJ

      Zenith kJ

      I've never used discord

  8. Whats new on the brew?

    Where does Ex-Doom/Ex-Zenith hang out?

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