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  1. The max cb I could attack in pvp was 54 and it took me long long to find some 52 Cbs and some of them were tanks... Keep on cheating envy like the dogs u are cause without it you would be camping lumbridge all day
  2. Time to rethink ur tactics hassan, maybe u should let others call for once
  3. Envy tried claiming a win while we had 30+ in game lmfaoo, get brown sticky stuffted on noob clan
  4. Envy back at it again with the fake win topics to keep their members from getting demoralized. LOOOL
  5. BT Stronk gj But making topics at 4 am wtf @PICwarior381? catch some sleep nigga cause they dont know whats coming
  6. Imagine being in a clan that needs 40 tanks in a pure fight and still tries to claim the win b4 all their members get demotivated lmfao horsebrown sticky stuff clan. Join Envy today
  7. Gz on the win Doom and thanks for the action, was fun
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