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  1. Delusional kid just shut up will you? You embarrase yourself. Imagine being a main clan trying to start beef with a PURE CLAN, l0l. Rot got bullied out of DMM, bullied out of the main scene , now FOE will bully em out of the pure scene, sheeeeeeesh!
  2. You lost to Doom Ari in DMM l000l, you ok? Was ez btw. Your clans so shit you gotta step down from the mainscene and to LPC scene l000l, how does it feel?
  3. xyp9x

    Reign of trash

    Stay retired, rat. FOE killed your clan, why you still piping up? lmao. Imagine being in this version of rot, must be emberrasing getting bullied out of the mainscene, l0l.
  4. xyp9x

    Day 1 - RoT ends fo in under an hour

    nice shit topic fat kid, youre so tired of getting bullied in the mainscene that you have to go and hit # 1 pure clan FOE now? Lmfao, disgusting little peasant, rot in hell. Both you and apex r shit and theres nothing you can about it son.