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  1. plz go neck it u ugly fat retard l0l
  2. Sorry mate but that rankteam aint ment to last, thats just how it is. Ill be suprised if they'll manage to keep open an entire year tbh, but gl to them!
  3. stfu little rat your low iq and shit go outside and get your ass kicked kid
  4. ez smoke on your shitty clan btw, you need to step it up little saucey! way too ez 4 FOE, motherfuck your shitty ass clan lmfao
  5. Watch your mouth you weak little rat, outrage is utter garbage and your shitty ex clan got buttfucked and laid to rest by FOE l000l, keep crying you insecure virgin.
  6. chief as council k l000l. braden and pizy suddenly becomes ranks again after being inactive for months? makes sence lmao, gl - you'll need it.
  7. gj dipping into singles, your clan just took a huge L mate! 3-0 my ass lmfao
  8. almost as ez as fully clearing your ded fucking clan boyy! xaxaxax
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