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  1. xyp9x


    nice smoke and loot Veng!
  2. xyp9x

    rage v apex 2-0 sets

    l0000l apex
  3. xyp9x

    weekend Rage's Saturday Ownage

    you guys took a good beating at CA, gf
  4. Grats with a great trip and 13th anni, FI! Really think todays trip gonna be even sicker and hopefully the fights can continue towards white plat/gdz area instead of just corp/GDZ! 🙏
  5. xyp9x

    Are You embarrassed?

    Pretty much this. However watching these "demos" of loosing preps is a good way to learn from your clans mistake and try to improve to the next one. If it was more serious Im sure ppl would do that.
  6. xyp9x

    announcement Miniwar Tourny + Promotion

    So that basically means that you dont really know how to make sigs but you're a quick learner, cmon dude. Stop hating on the guy who actually put effort in making these sigs when others like yourself just say they can make it better "if given enough care". Smh
  7. xyp9x

    @Vengeance? @Legacy?

    Yea I saw a bunch of mains at the return fight aswell, was probs on both sides but still. Sick saturday action for all of the clans though! Hopefully its gonna be even sicker tomorrows.
  8. xyp9x

    pkri Killed ct again

  9. xyp9x

    announcement Miniwar Tourny + Promotion

    ok you feel cool now? lets see you make a better one lmfao
  10. xyp9x

    RoT Leader Nigga

    lmaoo 😂