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  1. oo impressive, gz with the W!
  2. Oo very interesting and good news with an old clan reopening. Wish you the best, hopefully you will do well. Glad you finally get back in action Horm! Gl and cya on the battlefield soon
  3. keep barking little dog, you wont do shit l0l. your clan is dying kid! l0ll0l
  4. Outrage will get closed soon,@Tanniedont worry about that!
  5. l0000l you probs wish you dumb little rat
  6. Sorry mate but that rankteam aint ment to last, thats just how it is. Ill be suprised if they'll manage to keep open an entire year tbh, but gl to them!
  7. stfu little rat your low iq and shit go outside and get your ass kicked kid
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