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  1. @IAmAGuyI pm me on discord mashy#0001
  2. same as Australia u can go with either
  3. kangaroos can join either teams
  4. @[email protected] @Member @Gatekeeper @Kingpin @Counselor @Mediator
  5. VS I've always seen the beef/banter GMT vs EST, I wanna see what timezone got the best shooters/warrers in a GMT vs EST fight. It will be hosted on our SB discord or we will be making 2 different servers for the fight. European hosted discord & American hosted discord Its gonna be a safe event (Clanwars), we will announce the day when we got enough people who are willing to join Are you interested or you have any idea/wanna change something feel free to pm me!
  6. I'll allow this cuz u gave me a split from that 1b
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