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  1. Yo idk who brenda is, but didn't one of your members loose an ags today? (Got proof if you'd like)
  2. Sits in singles 40% of the trip, waits for ly to hit us because we have an 85 man pull and you have a 65. Ly was south, you're in a different part of the fight. Sup hit north Ly hit south. Happened many times this trip.
  3. Depends who we're talking about. Rage vs Supremacy the community clan (mains and pures) Or Rage vs Supremacy the pure clan. Either way same results Rage.
  4. I just said "It was a joke, a shitty one at that" That's not making excuses?
  5. How am I making excuses? You messaged me. We talked, I apologized. Supremacy post pictures of my IRL on their head banner on web page. I said my apologizes, saying the irl stuff was just a joke and a shitty one at that. Niblet has already said anyone caught posting IRL/names and such will be kicked from now on to try to stop the banter. Where's the apology from sup for posting my irl? Lmao nowhere to be found
  6. You gave me your middle name which I did not know. Either way issue has been dealt with
  7. Did I say in rage? No I didn't. Like I said she even messaged me her full name afterwards. Already resolved the issue Soooo take your own words and shut the fuck up.
  8. No one doxed Kim. Her name is everywhere, most people know it, she even messaged me her WHOLE name. Rage's ranks have already talked to me about it, and dealt with me. I've talked to Kim and we fizzled out the situation. I apologized for saying her name In-game. Did your ranks get removed who got my Irl picture and posted it on your main headboard on homepage? I'm guessing not. I don't even care my picture got posted, I have many of superemacy's members on my social media. It's not big deal. Spam my name to retaliate. The situation has been diffused.
  9. What do you expect from an E dating clan?
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