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  1. "Clan Rage" cc / www.clan-rage.com
  2. Press F for Sup's members ears on that 2nd video.. yikes.
  3. Name is M u p. Started my osrs-clanning in Rage(MPC), then Salso grabbed me by my ear and took me with him when he re-opened Redemption(MPC). New acc in progress aiming for the LPC-Scene. Been missing getting screamed at by a mid 20s guy with cheese dripping down hes mouth, as i missclick my barrage on our deathdot. Been missing all the weedsmokers, sitting in their moms basement in north dakota, talking like they're footsoldiers of Crips. Jokes aside, is there any clan out there for me? Not really intrested in the biggest clans, but feel free to change my mind.
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