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  1. i honestly feel bad for polygon lmao
  2. too easy. shame our rivals wont fight back on even numbers and would rather camp singles.
  3. Vanje

    midweek Resurgence's Late EST Wednesday Sweep

    Yet another successfull night for the boys!
  4. thanks for the free loot yet again veng!
  5. unlike SOME clan's propoganda topics, ours don't need to rely on bodies of text to try and convince the community who number one is. on topic, paragon is shit.
  6. Vanje

    cwa Resurgence Defeats Playdead - 3-0

    was fun. thanks for the scrap.
  7. Vanje

    Resurgence vs Vengeance - 25min Cap

    good fight veng
  8. Vanje

    Resurgence's Wednesday Wildy Sweep

    Easy loot was made
  9. How many times did rylan die lmao! Good feast Res!