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  1. once again veng got nothing to say because they know they got fucked.
  2. thanks for all the plus ones on our topic guys! Btw wolf you retard, look at the video. literally audio leaked from when you sucked PD's dick to try and 2v1 us. dumb rat.
  3. clapped. Shame all they got was the vanje pet in return.
  4. Lmfao veng so retarded they get cleared five times by rev and resort to 1v1ing in edge then clearing open Ccs at revs claiming a win over real clans? Fucking dead clan and origen stfu you fucking dick riding pos. Keep begging prefade and trae for promotions. Veng so fucking bad. Dead clan is dead.
  5. on topic, looks like you got some consolation after getting clapped by res for an hour, while having a numbers advantage, mains, and a ballista squad helping you.
  6. nice try at trolling lmao. How was getting clapped at altar all night? and how was dying 15+ times Sunday? stay in your hole before you get suspended like wolf did.
  7. fucking smoked supremacy. Stay on the bottom of the bracket where you actually stand a chance. What happened to veng? OH wait, getting cleared 5x by Rev at altar, then being reduced to 1v1ing in edge the rest of the night must have been so much fun. Stay dead.
  8. apex is a dead fucking clan, doing the clan world a favor by breaking them.
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