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  1. Rsps in 2k19 yikes fucking broke losers l0l
  2. Legacy can only compete against low tier clans lol...
  3. ??? You can have fun without being maxed you retarded loser
  4. legacy got 0-3d by IR in both servers LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO
  5. They got 0-3d by IR in both servers. They are officially the worst LPC right now.
  6. thats point of playing video games you mental retard
  7. lol incompetent idiot battlescape usually lasts for a coupe of months, instead of wasting of your time on that trash rsps you will have a maxed pure within 2 months at nmz
  8. Lol both Apex and Foe are trash clans
  9. I wouldn't bother. Most clans are cancer.
  10. Supremacy is trash. Please don't chose Supremacy.
  11. Everyone against 20 def are newfag no namers. 1-20 defence will always be considered a pure build.
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