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  1. Hard R

    Appeal to the main scene

    yeah that era pretty much gone & forgotten now unfortunately.
  2. Hard R

    Old Timer

    My zerk is at 86cb atm so I'm fine with that. My main is 126cb & pretty much what I spend my time playing on atm & overall I've like playing on high lvl accounts more. I'm putting little effort into lvling my zerk nowadays anyway lol.
  3. Hard R

    Old Timer

    Hard R pls
  4. Hard R

    Old Timer

    I need special permission, or a mod to change my name because I already used my name change for this current one.
  5. Hard R

    Old Timer

    Depends on the community really, I've always likedHPC in F2P which I hear is absolutely dead besides 2-3. There's absolutely nothing funner than tanking near max opts in F2P lol. I'd join a HPC P2P since that is where the clans scene seems to be heading, but first I'd like to know more about all of those big clans since my knowledge of this era is lacking though since I only recognize a few clans like ROT, VR, DK, DF, no disrespect to those other big clans but I don't know much of their history. Perhaps if anyone here can help catch me up to speed on the current main clans, alliances, wars etc it would help me make a decision.
  6. Hard R

    Old Timer

    yer old clanner (main) came back in 2016 & haven't bothered to keep up with clans again in osrs until late 2018