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  1. I know! I've seen em... f just so u know I created paragon, and also closed it, but u are new af u wouldn't know l0l and lets not talk about our last 2 performances u are cringe af https://gyazo.com/a5329a37b6a797d001be5db3a464a752
  2. imagine getting bullied in your timezone and not even massing lmfao vengtards gj res ez
  3. lmfao at what point vengtards tho fiting us would be a good idea? fucking stupid retards back to singles you go gf rot for clean 1 vs 1🤣
  4. vengfags call a different clan everyday to protect them lmfaoooo and this little bitch naked with a crystal bow claiming to be good 🤣 feels so good to be #1
  5. this is way too fucking easy, every time vengtards try fighting back they make a fool out of themselves pd just keeps showing the world how shit they are, 3 vs 1 a zerk clan, gets cleared, and Insta log to don't get the smoke at edge too lmfaoooo another easy day for resurgence
  6. I was the bait kiddo, u killed 1 we killed 5, if u had more than a month clanning you would know it retardooooo
  7. gz sv, pdfags are the new wildy punching bag 🤣
  8. lmfao only requirement to join vengtards is having down syndrome nil
  9. i kinda get the reason they hide from us 24/7, every time they try fighting back they donate +1s 🤣 sucks to suck vengerats
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