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  1. vengfags call a different clan everyday to protect them lmfaoooo and this little bitch naked with a crystal bow claiming to be good 🤣 feels so good to be #1
  2. this is way too fucking easy, every time vengtards try fighting back they make a fool out of themselves pd just keeps showing the world how shit they are, 3 vs 1 a zerk clan, gets cleared, and Insta log to don't get the smoke at edge too lmfaoooo another easy day for resurgence
  3. no fight at all, exploded them in 30 seconds
  4. I was the bait kiddo, u killed 1 we killed 5, if u had more than a month clanning you would know it retardooooo
  5. gz sv, pdfags are the new wildy punching bag 🤣
  6. lmfao only requirement to join vengtards is having down syndrome nil
  7. Bassive

    weekend Resurgence's Saturday GMT Sweep

    games to easy for us
  8. multi kills doesnt count - prefag
  9. i kinda get the reason they hide from us 24/7, every time they try fighting back they donate +1s 🤣 sucks to suck vengerats
  10. Bassive

    Exposing Vengeance: Part I

    all I can hear on their ts is prefag saying pull singles pull singles lmfaooooooo broken kid leading a broken clan 🤣 @wolffffstay cringe rat this 2k17 shit is braindead when we end ur trips on a daily basis after we are done with venge Ima close your shit clan next, or what its left
  11. Bassive

    weekend Saturday Hittin The Wild

    lmfao shittiest clan ever
  12. gotta love the wheeel! gf vintage, stay cringe vengtards
  13. @wolffffwhy u hl me on some random gif I don't even know who is u rat, want me to post all the gifs/kills we have on u dumb spastic?