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  1. I wonder how the Cdead rank team slept last night after that ass whopping

  2. Pray For CD

    Noxious | 40-60 CB xLPC | The Return Of The Alpha Males

    cya in the wildy
  3. @Yaz slumped CDead

    1. Yaz


      its true i cant deny it

      The sad part is I didnt even break a sweat

  4. Pray For CD

    [XLPC] Outbreak 40-60CB

    ah yes welcome
  5. @TBRI'm laughing in your face and there is nothing you can do about it

  6. Like stealing candy from a baby

  7. Pray For CD

    Legacy vs Supremacy F2P Mini (2-1)

    gz legacy
  8. Pray For CD

    Wtf was that?

    Sam did this
  9. Pray For CD

    TBR you need to promote this guy..

    @TBRIt was just too easy
  10. Pray For CD

    Wtf was that?

    I took a dump on CD today