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  1. no1 gives a fuck l000l i warned you that if you keep posting shit like pics of our member on your forum header that I'd do it back to you lmfao00000000 @Kimonce again playing the victim... typical Sup tactics
  2. tigers got dicked everytime they stepped foot in multi l0000l
  3. @Leadingyou've been watching this thread for the past 15 minutes - thoughts?
  4. I'm not shocked either bro! Keep bumping our thread though and make sure the community is aware!
  5. Imagine being a member in supremacy and believing this shit l000000l
  6. !loc supremacy sunday topic

  7. @[email protected]@[email protected] their members all types of propaganda about what happened l0000l gotta get the boys hyped to keep bringing their mains every Saturday lmfao don't they question why you guys are never quite able to compete without them? Cry [email protected] do you mean about this comment as well - you've been bringing mains and random double logged shitter accounts to boost ur cape counter since week 1 of the rivalry - that in itself is pretty NH. I feel like most of the community would agree lmfao
  8. poor delusional tiger clan coming up with any possible excuse they can to save face for their members / rest of the community but yes I agree you couldn't resist the fists of resistance today as well. Every clan got the best of you it looks like LOOOOL stay ez retard
  9. I'm about to start a gofundme for supremacy mains to get bonds to make this "rivalry" an actual competition in the p2p server. plz support
  10. @DilLironic that I called what would happen yesterday. You're ass without your shitter mains and random shit accs boosting your cape counter ;/ better luck next time man
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