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  1. Since pkeru ban he said good luck this weeken don't start crying again okay
  2. Lmao yall so trash. How do you pull more on weekday then weekends
  3. APOCA

    unofficial Redemption Takes The Dog For a Walk

    Noxi is shit lol
  4. Imagine losing to that SS weirdo clan. Big yikes foe. How much you have fallen
  5. Bet I was killing your clan typing that and this
  6. They rushed with 12 and then the guy calling decided to call a telly even opts Roflll
  7. Ezto cringeee topic I ever seen in my life. Fuck all that info is incorrect lmfao jesus
  8. Yeah if you count those 6 not being in discord but randoms sure. Either way we pushed you to singles and our council called a telly out being a 18v18 and called a regroup of bridge lmao dumbest thing ever @Eztocrypt
  9. UHM LOL you either brain dead or what? vd came in our capes and camp you slowies.22 in discord?
  10. apoc wasn't out but good tryyyyyyyyyy. noxi still dead
  11. APOCA

    weekend ONSLAUGHT SUNDAY 14/07/2019

    Not fazing, I'm toooch still noxi ded hahaha