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  1. Haha FAKE logs, you have no idea what's coming for you now Single. Gl
  2. This is comical, the only thing you accomplished was being the first pure clan to end your trip 🥳 All good though, I enjoy the competition and passion, regardless of the facts.
  3. Homie even if I was a vegetable my brain would function better then yours. Stay tuned for this mothers day ass whooping I'm about to bring you
  4. Was fun smacking you around at 18 ports, good job on your 92 mix of whatever accounts vs 65 pures l0l. I'll be seeing you tomorrow when your pull drops by half! 0 server clan 🤣
  5. Your leadership keeps avoiding our request for a prep because they know we will stomp the fucking plateau with you. Lmfao, honestly what is Supremacy without mains on a F2P Saturday? Nothing. Steve#3322 btw ANYTIME your clan wants to stop avoiding ANY SERVER - Good fight Rage, was a super fun a prep thanks for the action!
  6. All I know if Fatality was untouched today, was ez btw. Gj turning into main clans Lmfao.
  7. For those wondering what happened to Fatality after OP's pic: Also
  8. Shoulda titled it "Sunday - Sitting in Edge Furnace for 2 Hours" You lost.
  9. Imagine asking who will close first and then including the ONLY pure clan to NEVER close since 2006. Im literally dead.
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