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  1. Best wilderness clan: FOE Best CWA clan: Apex Best overall clan: FOE Most active clan: Legacy Favorite rivalry: No good ones Most improved clan: Legacy Most honorable clan: None Most likely to use mains in 2020: Rage, Resistance Most likely to cancel weekend events in 2020: Resistance Most likely to be an edgeville clan in 2020: Resistance, Rage Upcoming clan of 2020: Unbreakable, Legacy --- Best F2P caller: 3at Best P2P caller: Nox Biggest one bang: Fudog Best leader: Hanu, Nox Worst leader: Both of Rages Sharkbrew member with the worst banter: Fudog
  2. tbh wouldn't even surprise me if rage's leadership was so braindead that they don't realise foe is simply trying to drag them away from single
  3. gj. nice to see clans getting some clean 1v1s that last like 15+ mins today
  4. looks like you guys absolutely smoked them despite the inevitable mains from such a low-tier clan. gj
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