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  1. pretty expected from a clan that would compete with the likes of chaotic, IR, zenith, etc for the title of lowest quality clan of all time
  2. gj ly. kinda curious if z will ever officially open at this point. shame to see them getting bodied every event :/
  3. Best wilderness clan: FOE Best CWA clan: Apex Best overall clan: FOE Most active clan: Legacy Favorite rivalry: No good ones Most improved clan: Legacy Most honorable clan: None Most likely to use mains in 2020: Rage, Resistance Most likely to cancel weekend events in 2020: Resistance Most likely to be an edgeville clan in 2020: Resistance, Rage Upcoming clan of 2020: Unbreakable, Legacy --- Best F2P caller: 3at Best P2P caller: Nox Biggest one bang: Fudog Best leader: Hanu, Nox Worst leader: Both of Rages Sharkbrew member with the worst banter: Fudog
  4. tbh wouldn't even surprise me if rage's leadership was so braindead that they don't realise foe is simply trying to drag them away from single
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