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  1. zenith virgins getting bullied ingame and irl l000000l
  2. this quality gap is why zenith declared a fullout
  3. this dude tried clowning foe's vid length just for his clan's pov to be a minute shorter lmfa0. pipe down and kyp victim
  4. gratz rage. shame that zenith's spineless beta leadership doesn't have faith in their members and only views them as +1's for wilderness events
  5. its been almost 6 months and zenith still hasn't won a prep LMFAO!
  6. gratz on kyping that irrelevant main clan. looks like those virgins need to stick to their own scene instead of trying to mess with the big boy scene
  7. gratz rage. zenith couldnt even muster up a fake topic for this one!
  8. Join Legacy to body slam Apex on weekends as they make futile attempts to aid Zenith
  9. ah yes lots of heated doom v6 members in here after seeing their putrid, incompetent leadership get exposed
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