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  1. @Scims your clan is the pure communities punching bag and there's nothing you can do about it you mute fuck l0000000l
  2. @Deserie your clan is god awful bro. I'd tell you to stick to cwa but you even lose to Sup there lmfa000
  3. hit up any ranks from any pure clan for lessons on how to actually compile a juicy audio leak. blnt shitters
  4. absolutely no chance they accept. zenith only preps discord clans & their lapdogs apex (and still loses 75% of the time)
  5. damn @Deserie your clan fucking sucks bro (pass that along to your autistic leader for me)
  6. don't care didn't ask + you have autism
  7. Fax lmao imagine being in a clan that harbors a convicted child predator @Elve say something you awkward fuck
  8. you should probably worry about your own clan rn man. crumble crumble
  9. time for zenith to hang it up. maybe if @Co0kiezs invested all this time into his real life he'd actually be a doctor
  10. Damn, @Co0kiezsand co getting e-bullied into closure for the 6th time? Can't say this comes as a surprise 🤷‍♂️
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