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  1. Many can be RSD, there’s not just one, and yes the name is different
  2. RuneScape Dynasty First PK Trip Forums: https://runescapedynasty.com/community Discord: https://discord.gg/YcYcdmM Twitter: RSD_Clan Clan Chat: RSD Clan So After being open for a full four days being a Clan we signed up for our first pk Trip, We got decent loots, fought small teams and won. It was fun and being a new clan with less members then any clan right now is amazing we pulled 8 on Revs (12 ML). I couldn't be any more happier and glad to have honorable members and solid loyalty. We massed up at 2:30 Pm EsT and left for Revs at 3pm EST, Thanks for the loots whoever died before this great upcoming clan! Some of our clan members forgot to take more pictures but it was fun, next time more loot!!
  3. Good Luck, good to see more main clans coming in.
  4. What is your clanning/pvp history? RuneScape Dinasty - End Member | RuneScape Dynasty - Current Leader How many months have you been in the Clanning/PvP community? 104 Please write a short summary of the current problems with the scene/sharkbrew and how you plan on helping bridging this gap between Sharkbrew and the community Hello Fellow Sharkbrew Pures & Mains There are many current problems with the Clanning Scene/Sharkbrew bridge these forums were based off pure clanning and now that Zybez Closed main clans are moving over here since these are the last forums like zybez for main clans, I would like to help improve the bridge between the pure community and the main community and make it stronger so that both sides can have a say, main clans are dying and i would like to rise it back up once more. I have respect towards the pures as well the main scene needs to come back. Sharkbrew is a perfect community that's not bias towards mains coming in but they need a advisor to connect that bridge. I Am a respectful, honorable man who wishes the best for every community that wants more so we can strive as a community for mains and pures. I am very active on forums and i am willing to help everyone who needs it. I elect to maintain my activity and to execute my duties to the best of my abilities Yes
  5. Wow, sadness me... it’s RuneScape man like why do that to people’s internet.
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