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Found 603 results

  1. Seeing how dead wildy was and no xlpcs wanting to come out and play We still easily massed a quick 35 shooters to hit Wheel-chair users XL. Clear them x3 and broke them to 15 man from 40. Nice 60s and 70s reres lmfao still got the smoke down 15 Join the future incoming 1# xlpc clan in the scene at TS: Plague.ts3chat.com
  2. After our sexy Bee's have been pking for hours starting at 15 and later peaking at 32 we got wind that FI was out in our Wilderness. After a demoralizing Sunday for FI we decided to show them why we run the wilderness. Imagine bringing mains to try and help lose LEL The fight started with us logging in on top of FI in the middle of the rev caves quickly taking control of the fight and pushing them north and catching them in a huge GWASSSSSSS. After the huge Gwass we quickly pushed them even further north while they were chasing their tails, and trying the lick their wounds, but we continued to give them the smokey smoke. Once their numbers dwindled we pushed them back south to where the last stragglers limped their way out to get a tele and save themselves. After the tele FI quickly ended their trip and fight to keep their members from leaving after that demoralizing defeat. After Fi ended we had a few run ins with IR which was a swift clear and a few lucky survivors made it out and either tele or logged. But still put up a better fight than the Shit clan Slumptality Backwoods POV Oi VC POV
  3. . . On this Monday, OVERDOSE massed up 25+ legends later peaking @ 30 for one of our official mid week trips! With extreme hype over the current activity 308 has been experiencing recently, OD was down and ready to clean up the wild. 30 minutes in to our trip we learned that Noxious would not be coming out. A clan that claims they are the most active and #1 clan in the XLPC scene LOL, yet does not have a trip on one of the most busiest days for XLPC. . (AFTER ALL THAT TALK) LOOOOOOOOOOOL @Scims @King of OSRS @Yehr @Qtp ?????????????????????????????? . However we moved forward and didn't let that get to us but instead focused on the clans/teams that were out. Shouts out to our friends over at ASCENT & BLITZ for competing and giving hella action even though being down numbers! Also shouts out to the snipe teams that do what they do. . .
  4. basically a spontaneous trip of smiting with 5people items smited: armadyl crossbow, armadyl godsword 2x etc
  5. On this fine Monday, EnVy massed up 23, later peaking at 30 green gang affiliated members to rid the rev caves of anyone in sight. Gratz clans on this mighty fine midweek action, hopefully we can have much much more. Our First Fight: Vendetta was piping up to us whilst we were massing therefore we told them to pull up or stfu.. that of which they did. Vendetta tried to log in on top of us however with luck we had already started moving east. As we were maintaining our opts and slowly clearing Vendetta, they had called their boyfriends to hit us from the east in an attempt to sandwich us, however we ended up clearing both and took the win. Our Second Fight: During our second fight we had found some yellow hats who we then realised to be Supremacy. As we pushed them south, we managed to sustain the upper-hand, keeping our advantage and slowly clearing them, when Intense Redemption decided to crash. Intense Redemption put up a good fight, however we were able to bounce back from fighting Supremacy and overwhelm them forcing them to tele out. Our Last Fight: Our last fight was with Supremacy. Supremacy was spread out in singles therefore we decided to pursue a fight. With Supremacy gaining opts, the fight was more of a fight than the last. With us maintaining opts we were slowly beginning to over-power Supremacy, being able to push them south, however they strongly recouped and enhanced their aggression. With IR crashing and us having a good tussle with Supremacy we decided to leave the fight. Thanks all clans for the fights and gz on action.
  6. Robbing some goblinbois for their gold, filmed in 1 day of king at revs.
  7. Introverts

    midweek Turmoil's First Midweek

    Surprise. This week we decided to reopen Turmoil (ex-zerk clan) as an MPC. Between the countless run ins and fights with other clans or our extremely successful singles trips, our first week has been nothing less than a success as a team. The following is only the beginning. #Puremoil Clanless? Need a team? PM Introverts#6969, Steeze#1359, Rylan#4306, or Cameron#1234 on Discord. Prepare. For. Chaos.
  8. Eztocrypt

    pure/midweek Nightmare XLPC Mid-Week

    cc: NM CC | nightmare.teamspeak3.com | https://discord.gg/pr5ASYb Today Nightmare Rushed world 308 for a small hit on POR Easily we rushed the boneyard and swept it up. Followed by a short fight with Rampage and another POR. Good Fight and Nice Action. Nightmare wrapped up the night with some late night minis against LT and POR.
  9. Massed up 12 Pandas, Later Peaking at 18. Had to show @F U D O G who Daddy was beings he wanted too pipe up the past few days. Enjoy !!
  10. Friday 24/8/2018 , Supremacy massed about 25~ Supreme Pures ready to clear the rev caves, later peaking at 32 Had a clear 1v1 with foe and ended up on top Then ir thought they could take us , they logged in and got absolutely destroyed, Supremacy wins again. Ham POV Pictures
  11. NM CC | Nightmare.teamspeak3.com Nightmare set out with 25 Reapers later peaking at 35. I could write a long topic about how badly we smoked Rampage but the only thing that's going to do it justice is the video's and their cringe Teamspeak audio. I'll keep it short and sweet, Rampage I'm back to close you for the fifth time xxx I would also like to give a special shoutout to my boy double agent Ling Ling for making it so easy for us. Audio: @Broxxx POV @Chalu POV
  12. After smoking Intense Redemption in F2P earlier, we heard they were out with 20+. We massed up 20 Pure Elites and went out. We found them and hopped into their world. We quickly caught TB's on all of them south and started transitioning through them northeast. IR capes were all over the ground. We cleared up IR when WAR & Hydra came. We cleared both of them in legit .5 and went to edge to bank after clearing 3 clans. After Intense Redemption got steamrolled they decided to spend the next 25 minutes massing, They managed to get 35+. We degeared and went to ruin and end their trip, We hit them repeatedly and got so many +1's its ridiculous. 1x ZGS, 2x Ballista's, 9x Ancient Staffs. For the next 30+ minutes we would constantly rag them and killed them. We killed numerous members, some over 10+ times. IR kept returning and eventually they started losing numbers ingame. After the 30 minutes IR was cleared. 20+ Fatality sat at rev's and took a quick ending. We went to bank, White, Rich, Good Looking and completely unfuckingstopable. TY FOR ZGS
  13. We heard EOP / FOE was regrouping and heading towards our cave. We massed up 30 Purgers within 29 seconds, we hit them just as they started battling and they ended the trip. You can see in the video it was 32/30/30 As we logged in.
  14. "RP Gang" CC | rpgang.teamspeak3.com | https://discord.gg/uKuPV4F Rampage set out with 23 pandas later peaking at 32. I could write a long topic about how badly we smoked Nightmare + CD + Snipe Teams (Purple Cape Alliance) . but the only thing that's going to do it justice is the video and their demoralizing Sunday audio. I'll keep it short and sweet, Nightmare + CD I'm here to close you . R Remember the Name Ha 0wn3d2. - Ling Ling I would also like to give a special shoutout to my boy double agent Str Book for giving me daily free locs / audio.
  15. We massed up for our daily trip with around 12, Within 30 Minutes Intense Redemption hit us with 25+. We quickly massed up the same numbers peaking at 23 Pure Elites. We waited for them and once we had our moment we logged in and caught them off guard. We instantly banged out 2-5 Of them who were still logged in. Intense Redemption all logged in and we caught TB's and than went to work transitioning through them. Being down 5 Opts it sure didnt feel like it. Within minutes IR was cleared, We got a quick spam and looted and waited for IR to come back, They didnt start returning so we went to edge and flamed them until they ended.  We spent the rest of our trip killing Purge,Misfits,BP,Others.
  16. Wednesday August 29th, Nightmare makes a statement to any shit clan who pipes up saying "NM closed they cant pk, bla bla bla" With a brand new Teamspeak server, we were able to pull 31 Big Reapers to smoke Rampage 2 consecutive times, with one of those fights being down 4-5. See you this weekend xLPC SHOUTOUTS: Rampage for all that talk about "fuck tanks, you're cancer" but bringing tanks themselves | "NM closed can't pk in their own capes" @Daddy Nate speak up rat this is why your clan doesn't fight NM matched opts btw Fight 1: We were sitting at Tree Path world 8 with 18-19ish opts, we knew RP were nearby due to their scouts flooding our fall in. RP rush us from the south with 24 people, so the fight commenced. NM knew the quality of our members would surpass anything Rampage threw at us so we held our ground. We banged out piles dropping them like flies only to clear them ending with 18 people ingame. Fight 2: My intel told me RP were sitting at fog in a different world, so we immediately hopped into their world ready for some smoke. We rushed the fight 25v25 dropping these retards hard, after them realizing they couldn't stand a chance their tanks started to flood in piling our ranks. Refer to @Eztocrypt vid for proof of RP tanks. We pushed them from West fog all the way to CA where they only had 5 ingame and we dipped out with the W. All that talk btw lmfao. @K0ed POV: @Eztocrypt POV: @Chalu POV:
  17. Fh pulled 10 to an unofficial midweek and stomped every clan/team in the wild Fought Atl twice and won both fights Steamrolled 3hit & Bobbie x2 so bad they lost in another 2v1 Smoked RP 10v16 and killed their vidder Cd got bullied to ditch and then ended their trip ill be back Friday for another winning topic -F2P Hybrids, Warlord, Infamous Jet
  18. We were out at Revs with 16 People when we were in a world killing people and a rev pker who was tbed south got the craw's bow. We quickly caught a freeze on him as he hopped over the agility. @V1ce killed him, He had put it in his looting bag and automatically lost it. @Tank Sodplo had the agility level and went and picked it up. Sold it for 261M and splitted EVERYONE 16M. Rest of the trip we maintained 18 and killed numerous clans and smoked everyone we ran into. Got numerous plus ones (2 Dclaws + 1 Ags + Kraken + Ballista) We went out again with around 10 Pure Elites, Ran into Misfits and hit and ended them quickly, Killed SOG and Purge and BP and REV Legends. PKED bank loot, Thanks to everyone who came! 
  19. @F U D O G you say we got perfected, all I see is you tellying twice. @DilL
  20. Friday 24/8/2018 , Supremacy massed about 25~ Supreme Pures ready to clear the rev caves, later peaking at 32 Had a clear 1v1 with foe and ended up on top then ir thought they could take us , they logged in and got absolutely destroyed, Supremacy wins again. Ham POV Pictures - Supremacy Forums -
  21. Pure pvm our misfits rank leak who they won't kick told us they were pking with a wopping 12 people. We massed up 20 in .1 and followed them everytime they went into multi and completely destroyed them and ENDED their trip. Retard clan LOL Pics