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Found 624 results

  1. Today the red & black goons of 308 Massed up for a casual pk trip in world 308, but seeing how the wilderness was dead we got in touch with the boys in blue (Redemption) for a late night PK-Run in. We massed A total of 28 members & defended Barbarian Village, Initially Redemption hit us with 23 of their own, but the power of the Apocalypse was to much for them to handle forcing them to evacuate east into Varrock resulting in A full Clear. Soon after we set set up A PKRI with Outbreak at fog to help avoid getting crashed. With A strong scim push Apocalypse was up 22V19 Before inevitably getting crashed by Vendetta. Overall the action was great & NOXSHITS was no where to be found. Good Job Team! Also Stay tuned for an exclusive Prep between Noxious & Apocalypse! We are taking things to the next level. Interested in joining one of the best xLpc clans?! Join Clan Chat "AP RS" in game! Requirements: 70+ Range/70+mage & 70+ Strength. Team-49 Cape/48+Combat. Tired of you're clan treating you like just A +1 or hate one of you're ranks? PM -> Eztocrypt#5495 Via Discord to anonymously leak you're clans locations for 10m Each weekend.(Secure & easy)
  2. June 22, 2019 After the 2 hour dismantling that saw CD both avoid the wilderness entirely and forcing their members to endure a silent teamspeak. CD thought it was a good idea to being a rag war they could not finish. What ended up being a "fun" event for CD turned into 14 hours of complete slaughter The "unbreakable" Cd members below ran out of gas lmfao.
  3. Sunday 16-06-2019 started off with 35 Brutal Stoners and peaked later with 40 Stoners. We had nice crashes and fights here and there, check the vid below! Main fight on Sunday vs Onslaught + DC Mallu pov https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwHZYhkM9dw&t=5s Monk101 pov https://youtu.be/tKBf2rN8SX8 it was a nice sunday for the stoners i wanna thank every clan for it! Wednesday 19-06-2019 we started of with 18 stoners in the cave and peaker later 22. Cleaned CD and LY and had a good fight vs resistance! They asked us for a clean pkri at Ca, Resistance defended good and returned like beasts! But we outdamaged them and took the win! Check the vid below! Monk101 Pov https://youtu.be/oBx22Po_Vew Thanks for the clean fight resistance! Anyone looking for a chillhouse to smoke? Add RosaLynLee#1219 on discord Have a great day everyone! Blunt Purez out! 💚💚💚
  4. Started off with 18 Stoners and peaked later 22 in the caves fighting Gorrila’s (Onslaught), Demons (Deava) Elites (Foe) thanks for the fights lads ❤️ MAIN EVENT: Pkri ( Blunt Purez vs Legacy) Meanwhile Clearing Legacy in the caves X4 with good fights tough ngl. They offered a Pkri in CA and we said go defend and gave legacy a good fight! Thanks for the fight legacy! If u need a coffeshop to chill in with a great community : Add RosaLynLee#1219 on discord! Blunt Purez out!
  5. @BP hq we got intel that TRIBE and DC was pking at the revenant caves without paying the deep wild tax, so we had to take an action against them. First we started by gwassing some tribesmen. After they DIED and went to their hideyholes, we fought against DC couple of times. Had fun, ty DC! After that we asked TRIBE for some cwa action, but they fleed so we decided to wrap things up. Some media stuff here: Edit: Soz for the big ass pictures from the big ass lootations.
  6. This fine evening Fearless got word clans were out at revs we quickly regrouped 28 pigs , and ran into Final Ownage Elite with we had return fight and DC made appearance but none of them could own the Strong Pigs easy 1V2 ~ @Tanaka ~ @Ramie POV ~ @Fudog Join Fearless today!! https://discord.gg/RuNuxnW
  7. Dear Fake FH, Stop piping up to BIG DICK ZOOM when 1) Alll you kids sit below level 3 wildy 2) Crash 10 seconds later 3) Hide like Bunch of little Bitches You kids will get the Zoom treatment just like Blitz got in 2017 Anyways, Zoom massed up 6 youngins later peaking to 10 to DOMINATE W8 once again Had Fights with multiple teams mostly clusters, got clear on everyone and it wasn't hard at all Enjoy ... Shy King Pov
  8. We @BP HQ heard that Purge is going out so we quickly massed 15 strong BP warriors. After a longer return fight, and a quick clear while also defending against med lvls, Purge had no other option than doing inners. Loot was made on that day. JOIN BP WHILE YOU CAN RATS
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a nice pure clan to engage with. I am a 1 def, 63 cb pure with 74 str, 50 attack, 80 ranged, 82 magic (DT done) and 43 prayer. What am I looking for? Advice & fun with fellow account builds! I seek advice in pking, fcape, practicing pking (duel arena, PoH or private servers), ... I'm mostly active in the evening and in weekends. I live in Europe.
  10. Discord: https://discord.gg/tUg2Hrj Pm any rank on discord to Join or to make quick $$$  Started with 16 and peaked at 20 phat gamers. We rushed Imt Initially and caught them with their pants down wiping them off the map. They quickly massed up 20+ skinny dick gamers thinking they could claim a fake w in an empty world, even being down at the start, we held our ground and completely cleaned Imt members return tabs once again. @snipergank1k
  11. Today Apocalypse took to clan wars for a few quick sets in clan wars Against Laws/IMT. After a few sets of last man standing we decided to do a First to 25 which resulted in A super close fight. Down A set in last man standing we where able to take A dub in First to 25 Thank you for the clan wars action! @DilL
  12. Forums link: https://legacy-rs.org/ Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/d2cFfqM Headed out with 25 shooters after some P2P inners. Ran into DC a few times and had some decent tussles ty for fights. Ran into small group of DT and Hydra a few times also gf. Smited sol of DC and made bank. Ty
  13. On this Fine Wednesday we were approached for a PKRI. We massed up 35, later peaking at 41 out the window shooters to fight Fearscent. Our PKRI's lasted substantial amounts of time giving either clan the opportunity to come out on top, however we were able to do just that. Despite being sniped by snipe teams like FH's dogs, we were able to constantly maintain significant opts in game and still take the trophy home. Thank you Energy for the action, hopefully we can continue to have the same clean fights. Interested in Joining Immortal? : www.Rs-imt.com. Click on our discord link and message an overlord.
  14. On this Glorious night Anonymous once again received A reasonable amount of Intel that a few clans & teams would be massing up. Eager to jump into the fray we did not hesitate to to gather all of the Anonymous members available and swiftly massed up 20+ men hungry for blood. Peaking at 26 men we managed to consistently hold 20+during the duration of our trip. Starting off we immediately set out to hit our biggest rival (XL) in Falador, but soon after many other clans & snipe teams came into join in on the action creating A massive cluster. Doing our best and holding our own we had many great fights with XL,NRG,Blitz,Skits,3hit and many more. We wrapped up the night with A few mini's against TP and decided to call it a night. Shouts to all the clans included, tons of action and tons of fun, hope to share the battlefield much more in time to come... We Don't Forgive We Don't Forget Expect us @EztocryptPOV Videos: @BT Whip Pictures:
  15. F2P Hybrids peaked 20 for the first time in FH history. Started our trip by smoking "noxious" in a 20v20 fight, before they tried to call OD, the fight ended as 19v14 before we speed dialed our green nigs. Second Fight was FH dragging our dead dogs "noxious" ditch Third fight + Noxious closed their clan after converting to yellow capes for the remainder of the trip...
  16. Today OVERDOSE had no intention to run a trip due to other planned clan events, however that quickly changed when we got some very important information. We learned that our old friends/rivals NOXIOUS were coming back out today after being away for a whole month. We sent out a few members to verify this and sure enough we located them massing up in Edgeville world 308, during in which time EXCEL was also spotted massing up. We quickly massed up 23 legends equipped with deadly syringes ready to punish the scene. The action today went down between 4pm - 6pm eastern. Among the present were the following: NOXIOUS - AVERAGE PULL: 20 EXCEL - AVERAGE PULL: 20 THE PLAGUE - AVERAGE PULL: 20 VARIOUS SNIPE TEAMS - AVERAGE PULL 7-15 Shouts out to all the clans/teams who came out and gave OD action today! Also shouts out to the boys who claim they can hang, but can never really hang LOL. Join OVERDOSE to be apart of the most active XLPC in old school Runescape Today! Clan Chat: od cc
  17. After a nice long break from the holidays, OVERDOSE returned to were they are known best; the f2p wilderness of Old School Runescape. Overdose massed up 23 Legends for one of our last official trips of 2018, and best believe we went out with a bang and slumped anyone who dared come close! The action mostly went down between 4pm - 6pm eastern. Among the present were the following: Excel - Average pull: 45 3HIT - Average pull: 18 ATL - Average pull: 18 RAMPAGE - Average pull: 12 Various Snipe Teams - Average pull: 5 - 10 Shouts out to all the clans/teams who came out and gave OD action today! Also shouts out to the virgins who talk the most yet never seem to be out during prime time (308 Discord Server Retards) . . Join OVERDOSE to be apart of the most active XLPC in old school Runescape today! Clan Chat: od cc
  18. HYDRA vs INTOLERANCE fights at the rev caves 21/12/2018 We get crashed hard by some random med levels so both teams dipped out 😜
  19. An amazing Thursday for the xlpc scene yet again. EnVy pulled 18 peaking at 20 long bearded arabs to cleanse the wilderness of opposing clans. Our first fight: To kick start our midweek action we happened to run into Viet. We rapidly cleared them before rushing south and engaged on Blitz who seemed to be fighting stragglers. We quickly overwhelmed them causing them to run south before teleporting out. As we had just cleared Blitz, Noxious rushed us from the north and we both began to fight. Again we rapidly overwhelmed Noxious as we pushed them towards singles with majority of them dying and teleporting out. As we had just finished pushing Noxious to singles, Xl rushed us from the north. We instantly engaged however struggling to hit them we decided to pull it north to corp cave. They rapidly began to lose opts and began running east as we had killed most of them as well as teleporting out. Our second fight: Xl were in an unorganised spread east of CA, leading to our engage. We quickly picked off stragglers as we attempted to fight Xl head on however they pulled it to CA. Blitz were south and were sniping Xl however switched their focus when they left. We briefly fought as we tried to drag them north into the trees when PH tried to engage to the west. We aggressively fought back and began to slowly push them towards singles when they tried to single to multi us. We pulled the fight to corp hill where they followed, however were getting sniped by Ambush from singles. Our third & Last fight: We happened to run into Rampage who were sitting on 18 ports therefore we immediately fought. We rushed them on 18 ports however Xl followed from the south soon after. Rampage had lost majority of their opts therefore the fight was primarily between us and Xl. With every clan and team getting involved we quickly decided to pull it west. After regrouping we found Rampage and Blitz, therefore we decided to get involved. Both clans instantly dispersed as we forced Blitz to teleport out, and Rampage to run east. Ambush begun sniping us from the west, however quickly left. Rampage then retaliated before we fought briefly then ended our trip. We had fun once again fighting clans and snipe teams and ran into the occasional super pure, however we continued to enjoy our trip and get some good action! Thanks to all clans for the fights and lets continue to keep the xLPC scene active and clean. Shoutout to: Viet, Blitz, Ambush, Noxious, XL, RP, PH, FH for coming out today, hopefully we can maintain and better the action and fights. Also @The Plague where the fuck was your clan lmao. Pkeru3000: "Enza you got your clan killed" - 2018 Enza's POV:
  20. Hey guys, I am currently coming back to osrs, I currently have an account that is pretty decent, though I need to get prayer reqs and such still. I'm 71cb, 40 attack, 99 str, 99 range, 1 pray 1 def. I have no previous clanning experience, however back in the day I PK'ed with friends in groups of around 7-10 or so. Thanks again and have a great day!
  21. On this immaculate Wednesday, EnVy pulled 18, later peaking at 20 drive by ready gang membersto clear the wilderness of any clan in sight. Grats all on action, let's try and keep xlpc clean and continue to have fun. Our first fight: We ran into some mains in envy capes which we speculated to be rampage mains, so after killing them and getting free rune we continued to fight actual pures. Atl was our first victims. We hit them east of P18's causing them to panic and lose opts, when they decided to run west and scatter. As we were chasing ATL to corp we happened to run into Viet picking off the straggling ATL members therefore we hit them, forcing them to singles. Our second fight: On our way to hit Blitz vs ATL we happened to run into Viet, hitting them leading to them to teleport out. As we begun hitting Blitz, they ran into CA, whilst we followed them ATL began sniping us from the back leaving us sandwiched and dealing with a 2v1 for a brief moment before Blitz decided to leave the fight, allowing for us to decimate ATL, killing them and forcing majority of them to teleport out. As we were finishing clearing up ATL, 3Hit and Blitz were going head to head. Our third fight: We had found Xl and because of their levels didn't care about being down opts, therefore we decided to interrupt their fight between ATL. Xl instantly scattered when we hit, leading for us to chase down and kill ATL once again as they ran to singles. Our Fourth fight: We ran into Viet killing Randoms so we hit them, whilst Xl decided to rush from the east + opts. We engaged and instantly pushed them to 18 ports where we maintained our opts and slowly decreased Xl's numbers. 3Hit joined the fight therefore we took the fight to corp hill. Xl and 3Hit followed shortly after, then Blitz showed up leading to every clan fighting. Again thanks clans/teams for action, lets continue to keep 308 alive and provide clean action on both weekends and midweeks to everyone. Originalz POV
  22. Seeing how dead wildy was and no xlpcs wanting to come out and play We still easily massed a quick 35 shooters to hit Wheel-chair users XL. Clear them x3 and broke them to 15 man from 40. Nice 60s and 70s reres lmfao still got the smoke down 15 Join the future incoming 1# xlpc clan in the scene at TS: Plague.ts3chat.com
  23. After our sexy Bee's have been pking for hours starting at 15 and later peaking at 32 we got wind that FI was out in our Wilderness. After a demoralizing Sunday for FI we decided to show them why we run the wilderness. Imagine bringing mains to try and help lose LEL The fight started with us logging in on top of FI in the middle of the rev caves quickly taking control of the fight and pushing them north and catching them in a huge GWASSSSSSS. After the huge Gwass we quickly pushed them even further north while they were chasing their tails, and trying the lick their wounds, but we continued to give them the smokey smoke. Once their numbers dwindled we pushed them back south to where the last stragglers limped their way out to get a tele and save themselves. After the tele FI quickly ended their trip and fight to keep their members from leaving after that demoralizing defeat. After Fi ended we had a few run ins with IR which was a swift clear and a few lucky survivors made it out and either tele or logged. But still put up a better fight than the Shit clan Slumptality Backwoods POV Oi VC POV
  24. . . On this Monday, OVERDOSE massed up 25+ legends later peaking @ 30 for one of our official mid week trips! With extreme hype over the current activity 308 has been experiencing recently, OD was down and ready to clean up the wild. 30 minutes in to our trip we learned that Noxious would not be coming out. A clan that claims they are the most active and #1 clan in the XLPC scene LOL, yet does not have a trip on one of the most busiest days for XLPC. . (AFTER ALL THAT TALK) LOOOOOOOOOOOL @Scims @King of OSRS @Yehr @Qtp ?????????????????????????????? . However we moved forward and didn't let that get to us but instead focused on the clans/teams that were out. Shouts out to our friends over at ASCENT & BLITZ for competing and giving hella action even though being down numbers! Also shouts out to the snipe teams that do what they do. . .
  25. basically a spontaneous trip of smiting with 5people items smited: armadyl crossbow, armadyl godsword 2x etc
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