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Found 748 results

  1. On this Fine Sunday Afternoon Apocalypse massed up 25+ shooters to take on the xlpc scene for the second day in A row. As per usual the second we stepped foot into PVP world 371 we where greeted by Outbreak, which then quickly formed into A huge cluster fight at Barbarian Village with Redemption, Noxshits & Vendetta. Soon after we challenged Outbreak to another tussle right by the cooking guild, Noxishit being the terrible clan they are decided to crash our fight bad choice for them because right after we told those pussies to meet us Varrock Ditch for an 1v1 which they lost terribly sending there members running for singles & tele'ing like pussies. Once again they talked shit & got smoked, Enjoy you're new company with pkeru l0l. Thanks for All participating clans for the awesome action. Interested in joining one of the best xLpc clans?! Join Clan Chat "AP RS" in game! Requirements: 70+ Range/70+mage & 70+ Strength. Team-49 Cape/48+Combat. Tired of you're clan treating you like just A +1 or hate one of you're ranks? PM -> Eztocrypt#5495 Via Discord to anonymously leak you're clans locations for 10m Each weekend.(Secure & easy)
  2. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> | I | M | T | <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I'm not gonna write up a cringey topic you won't read, just watch the vid. I will say, after being teamed on all day once again, this was just another day at the office for the Kings. LOL. Immortal is the #1 xLPC and this is really easy... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> | I | M | T | <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Just join Immortal man, it's really this easy for us. Hit us up in Discord.
  3. Posted 3 minutes ago Today Rage massed up 45 Bears in anticipation of the new clan SKO. We were greatly relieved to have some new competition in the xLPC scene and the trip consisted of 2 hours of nonstop clusters with SKO/IMT. For some reason IMT was roleplaying a snipe team, choosing only to crash fights rather than defending in multi with their high pull. Regardless we are thankful for the action and will return the favor tomorrow!
  4. Website: clan-rage.com Teamspeak: rage.ts3chat.com Clan Chat: clan rage Today we pulled 45 Bears for another ownage Sunday pk trip. With Immortal cancelling and Divine only pulling 25, XL pulled a whopping 45 and stepped up to give us the action that we so craved. The fights were predominantly around CA and involved ourselves, Xl,Apoc,Divine and others. We were once again undefeated, thanks for the fights dudes @Broxx POV @MurkyPOV
  5. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc Rage marched into the wilderness with 48 hungry bears today, ready to dominate the xLPC scene. Unfortunately the action was lacklustre due to Divine and IMT pulling rather low. XL provided us with our strongest test today, thanks for the action gamers. @malo @Broxxx @Murky GMT WINS
  6. Today Rage massed up 55 Bears to take on the xLPC scene. We peaked at 60, and held 55+ throughout the 2 hour duration. Having similar opts to Divine, we fought them throughout the whole trip while dealing with the occasional crash from other clans who pulled less. The wilderness portion of our trip was consistent action and we're looking forward to more clans opening up to provide us even more rune scimitars. Following the wilderness action we took Divine to clan wars for a first to 100 and slapped em' up pretty hard. They were willing to fight us outnumbered and for that we say thank you! As usual it was a good day to be a Grizzly Bear.
  7. Website: clan-rage.com Teamspeak: rage.ts3chat.com Clan Chat: clan rage With this date and time circled on many calender's Rage peaked at 72 strong bears maintaining 65 during our fights in the wilderness With a great speech from the legendary Duval the Rage Bears were ready to take over the wilderness today giving all clans action who wanted to tussle in our wild Expecting many fights today seeing other clans pulls, we got exactly what we wanted with many fights against Immortal and Divine around corp hill/boneyard mostly After the PK trip we also had a ft200 with Immortal which was absolute ownage on both sides, thx for the action Thanks all clans for the action today and we look forward to tomorrow! Good job on the pulls both Immortal and Divine today was fun GZ RAGE BEARS Broxx POV Logic POV Dill POV
  8.  Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC? Pm a Warlord+ Rank On Discord For More Info! Teamspeak: divineclan.teamspeak3.com | Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC | Clan Chat: Divine Clan On this beautiful xLPC Saturday, Divine massed up 45 big dick shooters to spank some virgin ass over at IMT. Majority of today's trip consisted of Divine shooters logging on IMT every single fight and straight obliterating them. Wherever you step in the wilderness, singles or multi, expect our golden piss all over your shit clan. Bullied to clan wars retards lmfao. - We had intel that BT and OvK members joined in IMT capes today and with APOC having no one to fight, they only pulled 20 and ended. Other then that, today was Rage's opener so we mostly had 3-way clusters (if any) with the only 3 clans that came out today. Solid pull boys. Welcome back to the scene. @keefn HAHAHAHAHAHA @R4ngeTAP @horseface @Drunk
  9.  Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC? Pm a Warlord+ Rank On Discord For More Info! Teamspeak: divineclan.teamspeak3.com | Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC | Clan Chat: Divine Clan On this action packed xLPC Sunday, Divine massed up and peaked at a whopping 58 gods to battle it out against Rage. Most of today's action was between the top 2 highest pulling clans being us and Rage. We setup some hard fought pkri's (50v50+) against Rage at almost every spot you could think of in the wildy. GF guys. In the meantime, while we were having nonstop action for an hour and 30 minutes, IMT was still massing and barely pulled in the 30's. No BT or OvK today? LMAO. While the top dogs of the scene were battling it out, our peasants over at IMT were too busy trying to snipe us with their cute 30 man pull. That didn't end well. We also encountered XL and PH throughout the fights near CA/Corp area and cleared them out easily. Gf guys. #NoActionIMT
  10. clan-rage.com | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc With our official opening trip being next weekend, we decided we would have an unofficial Saturday trip and get a feel for the scene. 53 Bears showed up, later peaking at 58. We found our bearings very quickly, and managed to go undefeated all trip. The trip started in the wilderness, our hits were few and far between as clans struggled to match our pull. The hits we did have included clans such as XL,Energy,Divine,Apocalypse and Bad Timing. Soon the fights moved to the sewers where Divine, Energy and even Apocalypse took turns trying to topple our bears, unfortunately today we were too strong and dominated every cluster we took part in. As much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, we're back and won't settle for anything less than #1. Thanks for the fights all. @BroxxxPOV @LogicPOV Pics in spoiler 
  11. The best green xLPC headed out today with 32 BIG TIME shooters & peaked at 34 on the day, keeping these opts all trip because we have the biggest, baddest, meanest, handsomest, biggest packages, most money, & hottest girlfriends(& gaydrew) in the pure community. Facts only. We started the trip out with a fight vs Rage at 13s - Ahh, just watch the fucking video man, we owned every damn clan in the wilderness today, per usual. Cba to keep feeding you winning topics. Thanks for the respectable fight(s) Rage, we value your action & look forward to future fights once you officially open. Was ez smoking Divine, too, after the slowies decided to crash. =========================================================== S/o to NRG's 25 pure pull (& 6 tanks) that did nothing the whole trip besides get pounced on by Immortal, even got trounced by Apoc LOL! Yes, we did indeed do this to you. Join Immortal Today! rs-imt.com -- Join Discord & Message an @Overlord with your RSN to join.
  12. Apocalypse sets out with 35 Peaking 41 on our Sunday Official War. For this sunday trip we only had one goal, and that was to end all BT's action. After tons of smashing on saturday it was once again time to put them back in the graves. In which we succeeded. After 45 minuntes they decided to end their trip again. Besides that we had tons of action vs imt/nrg/divine/rage and excel. Keep it clean boys and thanks for all the action! @Edjez pov @Teoe pov
  13.  Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC? Pm a Warlord+ Rank On Discord For More Info! Teamspeak: divineclan.teamspeak3.com | Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC | Clan Chat: Divine Clan Today, March 3rd, 2019, Divine massed up 41 brute force warriors later peaking at 50 to steamroll the entire pure community today. 💋 Going into today's lit ass trip, being the highest pull, we knew we were going to be facing 1v2 and multiple clusterfuck scenarios. We fought almost every clan that stepped foot in the wildy today, had multiple clusters, and multiple clears on everyone. Meanwhile, our shitty rivals over at IMT spent majority of their trip massing from 4:00 to 5:13 pm est and sitting in singles for another hour, while we had tons of action. 😂 GF to Rage, NRG, IMT, APOC, XL and others that pulled through today. Checkout the winning pov's below! @Sharkbrew Warrior @5teel @Koldkilla97 @dean
  14. Immortal set out with 27 pures later peaking at 32 and absolutely obliterated the scene. We had the most action and the most defining action of all the clans today. Good shit lads. We started off the trip fighting Divine south of 13 ports in about 6 wild, we were matched opts as we began to run north because NRG was just south & Divine ended up logging out. After that fight, we fought Divine at Corp Hill matched opts and absolutely were annihilating them before Rage came to their rescue. Divine started with 33 and ended with 19. IMT had 31 in a fall in and started with 33. Dominated. Obliterated. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After smacking Divine around, our boys in Apocalypse wanted a fun fight.. We had a run in on corp hill and we had the upper hand the whole duration of the fight and Rage/BT decided to once again crash. IMT ended with about 27 after we lost 3 to the Rage crash. APOC #'s are unknown. Thanks for the action, APOC! Respectable clan. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMT vs the Rat Alliance/xLPC Scene We got word the rats were fighting in sewers once again...but knew the alliance didn't have enough #'s to team and with Rage's recent emergence to the scene, it'd of been harder for them to do so, so we sharpened the scims and logged right on top of the power retards & began smoking them. I don't need to write much more here, watch the video to watch your clan get killed by the elite Immortal Pures in Varrock Sewers. PS: NRG mains pulled 7 today and tellied instantly as soon as we hit them. <--- I thought you told Purp to log off his mains Ha 0wn3d, lmfao. Thanks for the action, scene. Join Immortal Today! rs-imt.com -- Join Discord & Message an @Overlord with your RSN to join.
  15. On this sunny Saturday, AP massed up a total of 36 killers ready to smoke the scene. Seeing how bt pulled 17 (should of never pipe up to daddy apoc), Rage pulling 60 (30ish more than everyone) and clans in singles we tried to get the most action we could. Feelz bad that BADTIMING had so much going for them but failed to perform with a shitty week and broken ranks after just 2 weeks.. PM 4 off and i'll think about letting you guys savage anything left of your broken clan. TY 4 action boys. cya tomorrow. Edjez POV Pkeru POV:
  16. On this fine Sunday we pulled 40 strong apes later peaking at 44 strong motherfuckers ready to make @Control Pkeryell at his member to FUCKING RETURN !!!!! Today unfortunately AP spent their entire trip in singles like good pussies that they are buuuuuuuut ... The only time they stepped into multi was to get shitted on by us lmfao But they also thought they could 1v1 us in singles, well it ended up bad for them, our edge recruits who are experts at 1v1s cleared the shit out of them We forced Control Pker to logg in on his tank to call cause he was just shit basically @Sauce @DilL Todays trip was just us walking our dogs Enjoy @Dzekopov
  17. On this fine Saturday, AP shooters massed up 34 shooters later peaking 35 to smoke these buffoons BT and surely we did. 1st fight: BT for some odd reason had a opt count of 45 in game but 31 in teamspeak channel from our 4 leaks l000l so assuming they paid a clan or were multi log in either way we decided to get some action being down 10+. we hit them in corp into energy crashed and both clans went to singles. 2nd: the second fight was vs BT after being so scared to go to multi we decided to hit them in singles where the buffoons were baited to multi. we smoked them so hard into imt crashed. 3nd fight: Got intel that BT was in corp with 34 so we decided to hit them with our 31 corp where we tussel for a bit into xl decided to hit and it became a 20 min return cluster. Out-return and out-man BT pushed north of corp and called a world hop with our 19 in game still west of corp. they ended right after that lmfao GF you tried. The rest of the action consist of hitting the divine/energy vs IMT cluster to help our green IMT friends out TY 4 action and shout-out to BT HQ ranks arguing about how shit trip they had. haha never pipe up again "its my fault my leaderas got perfected by xl and AP" LMFAO BROKEN Ezto: Pkeru:
  18. Immortal set out with 45 warriors & maintained that the whole duration of the trip (good shit boys). Started off the day by clearing Energy at ca in .5 seconds. Deleted them from wildy, whilst Divine was still massing in varock for another 30 mins they didn't even step foot in wildy today LOL. The next fight Divine and Energy went to PVP Barb Village to try team on us and we quickly smoked them got the full clear. After getting cleared in both wildy and barb village the rat alliance went back to the sewers. @BroxxxPOV @DIVINE Climax won't save your dead clan, or multi logging on tanks lmfao @Energy Tanks won't save you Pictures of the ownage today KISS THE RING BABY JOIN TODAY #1 xLPC http://rs-imt.com/ Connect to Discord and pm a Overlord.
  19. Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC? Pm a Warlord+ Rank On Discord For More Info! Teamspeak: divineclan.teamspeak3.com | Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC | Clan Chat: Divine Clan On this golden xLPC Sunday, Divine massed up 40 golden gods later peaking at 46 to dominate the pure community. We had multiple clusters and full clears against clans like NRG, Envy, BT, Apoc, XL, and more. Thanks for the action, Gf everyone! IMT tried crashing one fight but ended up running for the hills to singles... Nice try pussies. Envy TS Audio: 3:10 - 4:10
  20. Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC? Pm a Warlord+ Rank On Discord For More Info! Teamspeak: divineclan.teamspeak3.com | Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC | Clan Chat: Divine Clan Hi there, For today's Official xLPC Saturday, Divine massed up 35 drunken shooters later peaking at 41 to bully the IMT rats in sewers once again. Our leak in IMT informed us that they desperately paid for 12-15 ATL members in their capes and used multiple tanks to cling onto whatever hope they have left for their shit clan. Majority of the day was action packed clusters in PvP world against NRG, Apoc, FH, Tribe and beating IMT up as usual. GF everyone, let's hope the IMT scums drop the tanks! IMT FULL CLEARED 50 TO 0 ON CAPE COUNTER ROUND ONE (1-0): IMT FULL CLEARED 50 TO 0 ON CAPE COUNTER ROUND TWO (2-0): IMT ENDS THEIR SHITTY TRIP AFTER 2 HITS INSIDE THE BANK LMFAO:
  21. Discord: https://discord.gg/tUg2Hrj Pm any rank on discord to Join or to make quick $$$ Today was a great day at Energy Headquarters massing up 40 Savages to murder the scene and demoralize Imt, once again. Our first bit of action was hitting a cluster that consisted with 5+ clans with Imt still at massing, we came out on top. After a whole hour of massing Imt headed up to east graves, wear we prompted them to fight on corp. Within 30 seconds of the fight imt members dropped like the rats they are and 10 of them dropped. As soon as the Imt leadership realized they made a mistake trying to fight us matched they ran to singles as we perfected them swiftly with our rune scims. For the rest of the day most clans went to falador park where we took advantage of all the clans having the most action today consisting of clean clusters and fights where we came out on top, being the only clan to not touch singles and nearly perfecting everyone. @snipergank1k @zigy
  22. Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC? Pm a Warlord+ Rank On Discord For More Info! Teampeak: divineclan.teamspeak3.com | Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC | Clan Chat: Divine Clan Highlight Of The Day: IMT Members/Ranks Reduced To Tanks LOL. Hello Beauties! 🤑 For today's Official Sunday Pk Trip, Divine massed up 38 golden bearded shooters while maintaining at 30+ all trip walking our dogs PissMortals to singles. To sum it all up, we had multiple clusters, pkri's, and fun 3 way fights during the day. We set out to bully IMT once again and we did just that was easy lmao. Also, the 5-10 tanks you tried bringing in other clan's capes to cause "chaos" didn't fool anyone. Plug the leaks, rank chat coming soon rofl. @R4ngeTAP Other then that, thanks for the fights and clusters AP, BT, NRG, XL, and others that came through today. GF everyone!
  23. badtimingts.teamspeak3.com Today we massed up 30 strong apes ready to dick AP They thought they were smart with that leak they had on us lmfaooo hitting us in singles Nice try tho pussies but your shit backfired on you lmfao This is how you dick AP in a even opts fight enjoy boys and girls @PICwarior381 @Dzeko Shoutouts: Once again to my beautifull edge recruits for showing up and dicking AP once again wtf so proud of my apes
  24. On our Opener Sunday, AP pulled 32 killers later peaking at 34 to smoke retards bt. After denying x2 pkris request, (screenies uploading soon) we decided to show these pussies bt weirdos who's boss. was a easy clear. Plug the leak homos. The rest of the day consist of Clusters and A 1v1 vs BT but they ran to singles the minute nrg hit to make a cluster. lmfao pussies. OH and them crashing a fight we were low opts in from a cluster. yikes. Peek the vid for the proof. We'll see you next weekend. don't you dare show your face in the wildy, we'll be there waiting bt @pkeru: @teoa: Interesting in joining? Drop a intro at ap-rs.com
  25. On our opening trip, AP pulled 30 Shooters, later peaking at 33. We tried to get the most action we could, creating clusters and smoking clans. I'll keep it simple. peek the vid. ty 4 the action cya tomorrow boys. vid:
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