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Found 748 results

  1. #AAO|WWW.AAO-RS.ORG|DISCORD BROH Today AAO set out with 37 Cubs later peaking at 42 for todays P2P trip. We knew today we would find ourselves taking on not two, but three clans at the same time so we made extra preparations to take the fight to them. We had locs on Fatality/Sup/SF all trip and would crash every single fight they had lmao. Even catching them on funny ass gwases ty for reading everyone! .
  2. #AAO|WWW.AAO-RS.ORG|DISCORD BROH AAO legacy clan sent out with 30 later peaking 38 for our F2p Saturday Trip. Was honestly an action packed trip which lasted over 2 hours. We fought clans like CD, PX, Sup, sf, and IR. Thanks for the fights. AAO VS CD. We asked Cd for a tussle and fought them matched just north of ruins. We pushed them towards the vents so our scims dropping them. We were up some opts on them when multiple clans crashed. Thanks for the fight AAO Vs CD We asked Cd for a rm and meet them with scims just north of corp inside the trees. We again were up opts but ub crashed from the south. Good fight. AAO VS SF + SUP + IR Out intel told us Sup was having a fight with Sf at 13 ports. We decided to crash them and focus anyone that came in our way. We saw that Ir and sup were doing their own thing so we decided to switch our focus to Sf. AAO VS PX + CD We asked px for a fight and they were waiting at corp hill. We rushed in with our scims banging them left and right. For some reason they dipped to singles when CD logged in. The mighty lions stayed in multy fighting another clan with the same inventory. Thanks for the fight dudes haa! AAO VS FI + PX We found fi just at corp entrance and paid them a visit. For some reason they decided to focus us down 10+ opts and pulled it towards 18 ports where they got cleared off the map. Px then crashed us and we fought back only to be crashed by another clan. Good fight lmao. AAO VS IR we found Ir just north of edge bridge in multy. We fought them down 4 or 5 and pulled it to matched opts. More clans crashed so we both booked it south. Good fight dudes. AAO VS SF Sf kept avoiding us all trip by going random worlds p2p. We had enough of waiting for them to go multy, so we followed them to a p2p world and cleared them in multy lmao. Good fight haha. AAO VS SUP + SF we fought supremacy just west of ca and killed them. Once they were cleared we paid our attentions to Sf who were trying to snipe from the east lmao. They got cleared. AAO VS IR+ SUP+SF We begin by fighting Ir at corp hill. The fight moved towards Chaos altar. We dropped them to matched opts ingame, but px crashed from the north. Px and Ir were battling it out inside Ca. Meanwhile, Supremacy logged in behind choas altar, so we focused them. Our single pile calling cleared them to 7 ingame. Good fight. We then chased Sf around Ca because they were still trying to snipe the lions.
  3. [Start Time] 2:00 PM EST | [End Time] 3:45 PM EST | [Pull] 53 Apex headed out this Saturday with 53 Sharks looking for action! We fought Intense Redemption slightly down opts for most of the day with Unbreakable thrown in the mix. Supremacy and Phoenix saw some of our arrows as well, but no big fights.Thanks for the action everybody! Nixon Colly Nerdy -----
  4. http://px-rs.com/community/ Pulled and maintained 30-35 the entire trip Had a few good fights against Aao and Cd and a cluster against Ir Sup and Aao where we maintained the highest amount of opts for most of the fight ty for fights clans Spiral POV ~ K0nt POV ~ Will POV ~ Pics in spoiler
  5. www.px-rs.com | ts.px-rs.com | px_clanchat Phoenix pulled 40+ firebirds for today's spooky Halloween weekend P2P Sunday Pk trip later peaking at 51. We had lots of action and fights throughout the trip, dominating everyone in low-mid pull range. In between fights we camped, killed and exterminated misfits until they ended their trip. I want them to know we will not off until they give in, stop bringing rampage invites, and submit their souls to Phoenix Clan - we are their beekeepers. Misfits sadly camped singles 85% of their trip so we cleared them in singles aswell. They quickly teled out so we chased them to a bank and asked them whatsup. We basically continued doing this while listening to their cauliflower silenced teamspeak and saw how they ended their trip, kicking 5 members. Spiral POV ~ Chumz POV ~ More pictures @: http://px-rs.com/community/index.php?/topic/3045-p2p-pic-dump/
  6. Today Fatality massed up 35 green warriors to take on other clans in the F2P Wilderness. To start our trip off we had a fight set up with Apex where we defended inside bandit camp. The fight was evenly matched even with other clans logging in around both of us making our fight into a cluster. We easily maneuvered around inside bandit camp taking fights with Apex and easily killing AAO who had tried to crash it. We decided to leave and re-bank when Px and CD joined the fight so we could re-rush but it soon ended before we could. We found Sup and SF? fighting southeast of graves so we logged in and hit them both and chased them east until EoP logged in and everyone dipped out. Next fight we logged in on top of CD and quickly banged out their members later pulling northwest forming a cluster between us, CD, and IR. We then pulled all the way north to furnace and ran to the trees to have AAO rush us. As soon as they stepped into multi when pushed on top of them with our scims and killed these lions until they were quickly forced back to single where we slayed them into the single digits. We went back to the northeastern side of furnace and waited for their dumb members to keep stepping into multi 1 by 1 where we 1 banged them. After about 10 minutes+ of this they finally re-rushed us where we yet again slammed these tomatos back to single. We knew they weren't going to remass up and rush us since their broccoli members kept running at us solo like suicide bombers, so we took a cleared pic and logged out with all of our free loot. @Lee @Marcus
  7. October 21, 2017 Today the Eruption of Pures once again set out into the wilderness with 80+ pirates, an inventory full of energy pots, and no signs of competition, whatsoever. If last weekend wasn't evidence enough, today served as a stark reminder to clans that EOP is not the clan to pipe up to. Today, as soon as clans stepped foot into the wilderness, 85 pirates were on top of them ready to walk them back down to ditch. Eruption of Pures vs. Critical Damage vs. Intense Redemption vs. Unbreakable Ran up on CD, IR, and Unbreakable north of Ruins. As we approached they pulled south to singles, so we decided to not waste everybody’s time and just let them fight. Eruption of Pures vs. Phoenix vs. Intense Redemption Heard Phoenix was fighting IR on 21 Hill, so we hit them quickly from the west to kill some time while we waited for FO. Eruption of Pures vs. Final Ownage An hour into their trip FO finally made it past ditch and made an attempt to fight EOP west of Chaos Altar. We rushed from the north and immediately started dominating FO. In under a minute of fighting FO had been pushed to level 3 wild with half our opts. FO’s members continued being slaughtered just north of ditch until we tried pulling the fight further north and FO refused to follow. Eruption of Pures vs. Cluster ft. Fatality While waiting for FO to come into the wild again we decided to hit a cluster northwest of Chaos Altar. We rushed in from the west and began bowing east. Fatality was far east sniping the fight, so we locked in on them and focused their 15 man pull until only Team-50 capes remained. Eruption of Pures vs. Phoenix vs. Intense Redemption At this point FO was still in Edgeville trying to pull more, so we hit another fight between Pheonix and IR at 13’s. As we rushed in both clans pushed west to singles. Eruption of Pures vs. Fatality Fatality was fighting the xLPc Special Forces at Corp Hill, which we gladly hit to remind them that they will NEVER get out of the slump we put them in. Eruption of Pures vs. Phoenix vs. Intense Redemption Pheonix and IR resumed their fight as 13’s so we logged in on top of them and pushed them west to singles. Eruption of Pures vs. Final Ownage When FO tried to re-enter our wilderness, we logged in on them in singles southeast of Graves for a little friendly reminder that their clan is at our mercy. After a futile attempt to fight back in singles, FO headed down and ended another boring trip.
  8. #AAO|WWW.AAO-RS.COM| Hello everyone, today the cutest pure clan AAO pulled 41 cubs later peaking at 44. We knew today that both Fatality and Special forces would try and team up on us since we put FI on a 20 man slump it seems (they pulled 25 today lmao) and SF are obessesd with closing us lmfao? (leaking teamspeak soon) AAO vs Special Forces/Misfits We rushed SF at Falador statue and unexpectedly found MF there as well. We maneuvered east a bit and took on any clan that geared towards us and SF took the bait and got gwased in the process. So much for closing us lmao. AAO vs FOC We regrouped and quickly made our way to Foes Homeland and caught them on Log in. 44 cubs wiped away 30+ FOE members instantly in huge barrage piles. We soon teled away with our loots. AAO vs Special Forces+Supremacy We found SF fighting lower tier clan Supremacy in w29 and decided to ruin their fun and focus both clans since we managed to get all 40 cubs into the world lmfao. You can't hide from us SF AAO vs Fatality/Supremacy After an hour of massing and an extra 15 minutes of avoiding the wilderness because of us, Fatality finally decided to step inside the wilderness and got a fight against Supremacy. We swarmed in as soon as they stepped into multi. Supremacy teled out, Leaving just AAO and FI. We made quick work of this fight, making FI tap out in 45 seconds lmao. AAO vs Apex+SF+Supremacy We scouted out Apex with 35 at Falador so we positioned ourselves and began to fight. We had a nice fight but unfortunately SF crashed but it seems like they got their intel wrong because they ended up crashed Apex instead of us lmfao. We then focused our Attention on SF and had our specs out. We had their numbers in the single digit zone when Supremacy crashed us from the South. We could of easily teled out but we decided to stay and take on our third clan in the same inventory and due to our good returning and core we overtook Sup. GF AAO vs Alkarhid owned everything. thanks for reading .. ... .. ..
  9. 10/29/2017: Today the ship set sail with 83 Pirates ready for a spooky Halloween Sunday. We knew Fo wasn't ready to take us on after the beating we gave them yesterday, but we didn't expect them to be in this bad of shape. With their numbers never exceeding 70 and having to regroup 3-4 times every time they fought in singles, the current state of Fo was not looking good. Thanks to all the clans who gave us clean action today and a special thanks to Fo for very clearly showing the community how far ahead EoP is in this rivalry. Eruption of Pures vs Cluster The trip started off slow as always but picked up as it went on with clans slowly building up the courage to try the red giant. Our first fight took place around Boneyard where we caught Apex, IT, PX and Breakable in massive clumps. Fo being the slow clan they are, showed up late and got caught in massive clumps south in the trees. They would tele out in a panic shortly after. Eruption of Pures vs Intense Redemption + Misfits Not long after our first fight, we got word that there was a fight east of bandits. We quickly teled/hopped in and caught both IR and MF in single. We cleared them up and moved on with our trip. Eruption of Pures vs Final Ownage While we waited for a small cluster to form around east bandits, Fo worked up the nerve to rush us in single. They started with less opts than us and it stayed that way for the duration of the fight (~20 minutes). They knew they where losing and took 3-4 regroups and rerushed (still in single?). Eventually they worked up the nerve to run west into multi which was a massive mistake on their part. As we rushed west they instantly teled in Edge. Eruption of Pures vs Phoenix + Intense Redemption + Breakable Not long after Fo was broken in singles, we teled CA to login on top of PX. As they teled we ran all the way north to Boneyard to find IR vs Breakable. We caught both clans in big clumps, forcing both of them to tele very quickly. Eruption of Pures vs Apex + Final Ownage We made our way to west bandits to find Fo had ran east. We caught Apex in a massive clump within the bandits gap and continued to barrage them out until they had all either died or teled. Fo continued to run east, then they worked up the nerve to try something risky and wrap around bandits and hit us from the north. We caught on to this very quickly and rushed in their direction only for them to call a tele/logout in fear of the red giant. Eruption of Pures vs Final Ownage Not long after Fo had teled out from us again, we made our way to mossies tip and rushed rdg from the west. Fo made their way up above 10 wild (believe it or not) and they defended at white plat. We made quick work of their south side and pushed them further north. We quickly took control of the east side and ran them all the way west and cleared them up as they called a logout. We sat at gdz for a few more minutes to see if they had the nerve to rerush without us banking but as expected, that didn't happen. Eruption of Pures vs Final Ownage + Baltic Our last fight of the trip would take place against Fo and Baltic in Single west of Al Kharid. For the 2nd time this trip, Fo rushed us in single with less opts? We slowly but surely cleared them up as they all teled and ended their trip. Pictures in the spoiler below:
  10. Topic by @Tiny On this Halloween Weekend The Hive was swarming as we pulled 40 PrimeTimeKillerBees ready for action. Our pull was a bit lower than usual because a good portion of our GMT unit was missing due to an annual Baltic Event (Brigada+StrikeTeam) that was going on at the same time. All things considered, we were still able to pull enough to compete with everyone else and give them a run for their money. Our Strong Bees were able to get some good clear by tactically working as a K0 Unit. We started out our trip strong with a good first hit. First, we logged in EAST RUINS and crashed an EOP/FOE fight. We started out first hitting some EOP guys to the East, then later AAO logged in singles also so we pushed South. On the Southern end we ended up hitting up some FOE stragglers too. Then, we quickly rushed multi to hit IR and quickly destroying them before any other clan could crash. The hit ended just after we cleared APEX and were fighting off some EOP noobs that were left behind. We got a clean tele out just before the fight turned to a singles fight/rag war. Our next hit was packed with MULTI action! We started our hit first by rushing UB who was at Sperm Hill. Our fight lasted a few minutes at Ghost Hut until they realized they were being Man-Handled by the KILLER BEES. We pushed the APES all the way around Sperm Hill, back down all the way to Hill Giant's Gap for the full clear. Still having tons of Bees afterwards, we continued on to fight APEX who attempted to crash, but UB had already been cleared. Our focus switched to APEX now, who also got cleared in the same inventory. We approached UB for another clean 1v1, but it seems they were not keen for another beat down because a few seconds into our fight IR ended up rushing us to try and sandwich, but we had already tactically gotten the tele out. After all this action, we decided we would give PX the smoke too. After all that talk at the bank, they quickly got cleared at CA and had FI help them, but it was no use. We cleared them both easily by tactically getting single piles and ended up being he last clan standing at the end of the fight. Our next fight was a cluster with Eop, Foe, Sup. The fight started in singles where we went back and forth with all clans until EOP decided to run into multi randomly and quickly getting caught in clumps. Right after EOP had teled or got killed Foe rushed in from the north which we caught a ton of them in multi with huge clumps that were raining loot for our hungry Bee's. The next fight was with brown sticky stuff kids from penix, soon after they hopped to our world trying to run their mouths we hopped over to world 25 to show them who is boss. We quickly moved west just south of Al karid castle and waited for them to hop over. Once they rushed we had caught a 10 man north by the castle. Soon after the fight started Penix called in Fi for backup even with us being down 10 opts to try and sandwich us. We called a tactical tele out to rehit from the north. The next hit was against OD, Penix, Ir, and Sup at ca. We hit from the west of ca quickly dropping px kids with ease while others teled out due to getting brown sticky stuff on the time before. Soon after px had teled out Od had teled also. Once Penix had rerushed from corp we quickly took control of the fight, due to them getting demoralized they called in their butt buddies Ir to try and sandwich us but we knew it was coming. So we took a quick movement south west of ca to keep the fight in control which we quickly smashed px then moved on to destroy Ir, right after we got control while taking over 13 ports where ir was at sup had started to hit from the west in singles. We made a movement to the east and cleaned up the cluster and gathered our loots and teled out. Videos: Backwoods ASAP Brandon POV Jean Rihanna Pictures: \
  11. October 28, 2017 This Halloween afternoon, 85 Eruption of Pures pirates massed up to pregame for Halloween parties and to absolutely slaughter Final Ownage on what was possibly their worst trip since initiating this rivalry with EOP three short weeks ago. In those three weeks a few things have become clear: (1) FO is a dogbrown sticky stuff clan which spends the majority of their trips regrouping or hiding in level 10 wild; (2) after seeing their pulls drop by 30 pures in a matter of weeks, FO is beginning their transition to being a low-tier main clan; (3) most importantly, EOP's member quality is lightyears ahead of FO's... after all, they haven't had a single victory against EOP in the wild since they made the fateful decision of piping up to the Red Giant. Just remember what we did to Fatality and know that's exactly what's coming for you: Eruption of Pures vs. Phoenix vs. Intense Redemption Immediately after leaving mass we got word Phoenix was setting up a fight against Intense Redemption at High Altar. We quickly made our way up there and logged in on the two clans right as the fight kicked off. We scimmed on top of us, killing people left and right as both clans pulled east to singles. Eruption of Pures vs. Supremacy vs. Phoenix For our second hit we decided to pay a visit to Supremacy and Phoenix east of Mossies. At the sight of EOP both clans pulled west, leaving the stragglers to be picked off by us. Eruption of Pures vs. Final Ownage vs. Breakable After an additional 30 minutes of massing, trying to boost their pull from 40 to 50, Final Ownage tried getting a clean fight against Breakable west of Bandits. We flew down there and rushed the two clans from the east. In typical FO fashion, they dipped to singles with their tails between their legs, allowing us to punish their slow-brained straggling members. Eruption of Pures vs. Final Ownage vs. Striketeam We allowed FO to get a quick bank and get started fighting Striketeam on Corp Hill. We telied up and immediately started focusing FO. They made a really piss-poor attempt to fight back for 2 minutes, before bailing to singles and trying to escape through Graves (they all died lol). Eruption of Pures vs. Breakable vs. Critical Damage & Phoenix vs. Intense Redemption Intel told us about a fight east of Ruins between Breakable and Critical Damage, so we rushed in and got a quick hit on them. They pulled west to singles so we moved away towards Phoenix and Intense Redemption north of Ruins. Pushed them to singles really quickly then went back to multi to allow all clans to bank. Eruption of Pures vs. Special Forces vs. Intense Redemption We got word Special Forces was fighting IR at CA, so we headed over there and logged outside to the northwest. Half of EOP headed into CA to kill IR and the other half pushed SF out of the altar, killing them all. Eruption of Pures vs. Phoenix vs. Against All Odds Got a quick hit on AAO vs. Phoenix at 13 Ports. Eruption of Pures vs. Intense Redemption vs. Striketeam While waiting for FO to come past level 4 we moved towards 26 Hills for another quick hit on Striketeam and Intense Redemption. We rushed from the southwest and both clans pulled east, so we headed back towards FO. Eruption of Pures vs. Striketeam vs. Special Forces vs. Against All Odds Striketeam moved to Corp Hill to fight SF and AAO, so we followed and hit the cluster on Corp. All 3 clans tried putting up a short fight despite being significantly down opts, so kudos to all you for the attempt. Eruption of Pures vs. Final Ownage We finally got bored of waiting for FO, so we rushed them where they were hiding in level 10 wild. We immediately started transitioning from bows to scims, dropping braindead FO member after braindead FO member, pushing them down to ditch until they had nobody left on the cape counter, losing literally nobody in the process. Eruption of Pures vs. Final Ownage For the last fight of the day, we allowed FO plenty of time to mass up more until they had a strong 50 pures and 30 mains in their capes. We defended north of gap and after waiting for a good 15 minutes, FO made their grand attempt to step up and fight us high wild. EOP gained the upper hand right off the start, and would maintain that momentum for the entire fight. As FO pures became harder and harder to find at gap, we moved the fight east to kill their returners at GDZ. Despite their mains, our superior quality really proved to be the deciding factor of this fight. EOP’s single piles and returning were on point, and after 30 minutes of being dicked down FO once again threw in the towel and bailed east to log out, leaving 93 EOP pirates holding down our domain at GDZ. https://youtu.be/t-apuR5xOjY https://youtu.be/vuSlR5HxmJA https://youtu.be/LI4nXw8Luzo https://youtu.be/55uAA8Eh7YQ https://youtu.be/4spedUZaIck Pictures in spoiler ..
  12. [Start Time] 2:00 PM EST | [End Time] 4:00 PM EST | [Pull] 48 Nixon RyanB Colin Nerdy The Apex Sharks swam out today with a school of 48, ending with 45. With Intense Redemption pulling similar, we had several good planned run ins with them all over the wild. Misfits and Phoenix crashed us multiple times since they pulled low, so we were able to get some nice loot there. Thanks for fighterinos! Fight 1 We started out our trip by defending against Intense Redemption at boneyard. We cleared them down significantly then focused our attention west on UB. Once FOE crashed we bailed. Fight 2 We fought Intense Redemption again at Bandit Camp. Misfits hit us from behind, so we finished up IR before bailing. Fight 3 Once more, we had a planned run-in with IR. We fought southeast of ghost hut, pushing the fight north to sperm, then 26 Hill. Misfits wanted in on the action, and hit us at the same time as Phoenix. We pulled around to boneyard and did some damage before calling a regroup. Fight 4 We got word that AAO was logged in on 26 hill, so we logged in and completely cleared them out. Fight 5 We fought IR again west of Bandit Camp. We cut their opts down significantly. Both clans teleported on crash. Fight 6 We hit IR again, this time south of Bandit Camp, catching them in huge clumps at mouth. FOE attempted to crash from the west, but the fight was over by that point. Following this fight, we had a couple more fights with IR. All were crashed and pretty much took the same course - both clans teleport with relatively equal opts. Fight 7 Al Kharid was flooded with gwasballs, so Apex joined in the fun, clearing it up until IR and Apex were the only ones left. Fight 8 Our final fight we spread inside Chaos Altar (lol) and defended against Intense Redemption, who logged in directly on top of us. We all clumped each other until UB crashed, at which point the fight took a more one-sided image. We teleported to mouth from inside the clumps and caught any stragglers until it was cleared up. Trip End Thanks for the fights!!!!
  13. http://ub-rs.com/ | ts.ub-rs.com | ub rs cc | http://ub-rs.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/82jDTk6 Quality Above All 6x Clan of The Month Winner Most Prep Wins Highest Quality Best Community Best Leadership Best Core Brought over 40 Jungle Jims out to play on this fine Sunday ready to kill all, and as always we did just that! Today's trip consisted of multiple clusters with constant re engagements from both ourselves and the other similar pulling clans that made up the majority of the day. Apex had all but cleaned up IR when we hit them at boneyard to start off the trip, and the 30 something remaining for them wound up exiting as well. Pushing west we found FOEOP thinking about getting out of single which found multiple EOP caught in a clump that died very quickly to our westward advance. FOE wound up coming out of corp cave at which point we exited ourselves. Upon returning to the wild, IR was next getting pushed north of 18 pond by us when Apex crashed from the west. Both Apex and IR quickly disengaged as Misfits hit the show and the resulting fight between us saw a relatively decent return fight going southeast of Sperm. The fight was crashed at a point where our numbers were favorable to Misfits without a real conclusion. Got word PX were on top of 26 hill not long after and soon found them west near boneyard. They weren't long for the fight as a rematch between us and Mf was soon underway though PX rehit and saw them tele out. PX was clumping up hard shortly before EOP ended the cluster. Minutes later, a giant fight involving just about everyone north of CA found us hitting Baltic who had all kinds of numbers. They pulled southwest as we kept on top of them until Px and Foe simultaneously turned their attention towards the same direction. For the third time today, UB & Misfits clashed just south of boneyard. The fight was creeping to our advantage until Fi (lol) pranked Mf from the southwest and ended the fight. We then killed Fi until the fight was crashed. Some short lived clusters at Al-Kharid saw Apex/IR/EOP dying to us in many clumps before another great singles circlejerk unfolded. Topping off an action packed Sunday, a 3 way cluster between us, Apex, & IR at CA went on uninterrupted for quite a long time until FOE crashed. Thanks to all that came out today, see you next week! Yours Truly: Mewho: Known 2 Pown: Spoilers for Much Winnage(Ty Slowkyy for SOTD)
  14. #AAO|WWW.AAO-RS.ORG|DISCORD BROH Today 28 ghostly cubs went out with one thing in mind. To remind Fatality and SF that we will always be the better clan. Shouldn't of started a rivalry with us 3 weeks ago lmao. We would later peaked at 37 cubs seeing as how GMT people got on late. Today we dedicated our Halloween on SF+FI. Seeing as they like to snipe us during every event we crashed every single fight they had and hit them in singles often meaning we would run out of staminas lmao. We would also have encounters with the likes of Supremacy/IR/North Korea/Apex/PX/MF but then i'd have to write a big ass topic and i ain't tryna do that. Just watch the videos lol
  15. Special Forces Set out with 25 Later Peaking 30ish to the P2P Wilderness. We set out to Smoke AAO in the P2P Wilderness. With a slow start we faught Fatality that was instantly crashed by Clans. We then planned our attacks on AAO as they were getting in the way of our 1v1's between Supremacy. We ended up killing AAO everytime they stepped into the wilderness or interfered with our fights. Was a great day we worked very hard on clearing AAO and held our ground like we always do! Keep training up Boys & See you all for more action next weekend!
  16. #AAO|WWW.AAO-RS.ORG|DISCORD BROH Today 35 paranormal cubs went out to todays Saturday pk trip, later peaking at 38. We wanted to start our Halloween trip by paying SF a visit but found out that they decided to mass 30 minutes later than usual (lmao). Guess our costumes scared them away c: . And what seems to be an ongoing theme from Fatality, they yet again failed to back up their threats and had a 20 man snipe trip. (only took 3 weeks btw) AAO vs PX AAO vs CD We fought PX north of ruins. Both clans had around equal numbers and had a good clean fight until literally 10 seconds in we get crashed by Critical Damage in singles (lmao). We regrouped and decided to fight CD even when down opts and low prayer/food. Being down 5 AAO held our own for the next 3 minutes of fighting only losing 3 people and focusing on their pures in monk robes. There would be no winner today because not long after EOP would crash. America vs RocketMan Since we are the leaders of the free world we had the obligation today to take on 2 country clans combined into one clan cape. We knew we were down 10-15 people at least, but we knew our superior quality would bring us victory in the end. In an intense 8 minute return fight with no crashes, i would say this would definitely be my personal favorite fight this year. AAO vs Intense Redemption vs Supremacy We scouted out IR on sperm hill with a bit more than us but decided to hit it anyways. We met at 21 hill and with Supremacy lurking not to far behind both clans found there way to sperm hill. AAO always being the aggressor we maintained tempo and kept on focusing on IR knowing they were down on prayer and food. In the midst of this we were being sniped by SF with their pathetic 15 man pull but ignored them. We would then leave IR and focus on Supremacy, We followed SUP all the way to pond-CA-Ghost hut where they thought they could get a return group but we made sure to not let them get any breathing room, eventually clearing into the single digits .. AAO vs Yugoslavia Found ourselves once again going against the new yugoslavia clan wearing team 29 capes? But this time around they had 30 people so it was easy win for freedom fighters AAO ends SFs trip in 45 minutes lmao with sf avoiding us all night and thinking they could snipe us and get away with it we decided to pay them a visit and end their trip.
  17. Supremacy headed out into the wilderness with 30 and peaked 35. Maintaining 30+ all trip. Had some good action with plenty of clans, lower tier clans like AAO and IR, then we had fights with actual clans like Px, ST, SF, FI. Shout out to IR for continuing to dodge us all evening and getting cleared numerous times Thanks to all clans for the action Phil POV Noel POV First fight of the day was against Apex, we rushed them down 4-5 ops, we fought them for a good few minutes, maintaining a lead before it was brought back to even. IR proceeded to log in so we focused on them on log in, dropped at least 5-6 kids before rushing to single laughing. Unlucky tards. S vs Px Second fight of the day was against PX, we rushed them and CD at west bandits, cleared about 6-7 CD kids and they bailed to single, we then proceeded to demolish PX. We ran a train through them and dropped them down to 23 to our 30. We then pushed north of them and EOP logged in, so we bailed to single and logged. We met FI east of Bandits. We decided to kill a few of them in single before running west. They chased us and we proceeded to fight them, taking a strong lead and never looking back, IR logged in.. late as usual, so we killed a few of them and then ran to single before banking. Next fight, we against Apex. We rushed them inside bandits and took a strong lead, we put them down to 20 while having 20 still and then, yet again, IR logged in. We ran south while Apex killed a few stragglers of theres, while they went to rush Apex, we hit a few of there stragglers before going single. Clueless leadership in that clan. We literally FUCKING RUINED IR HERE. We Apex and Fi and started clearing them up, Px then rushed and they had a good +10 on us. We decided to fight back regardless cause we're not brown sticky stuffters (IR huehuehue) Was pretty evenly matched considering, we dropped them 1 for 1 of ours. IR then rushed, so we bucked it to Sperm, we then rushed from behind as they started hitting Px. We dropped about 5-6 of them and Px literally vanished. IR then focused us (they had 40, we had 25) so we ran to single to re group. AAO rushed in and started hitting IR, so we re rushed (down ops) and literally chased IR all the way down to CA hitting any AAO kids and IR kids we seen. (SF was also hitting AAO). We dropped IR from 40 to 15 in game where they hid in CA while we focused AAO from the south and SF from the north. Px then rushed IRs re group so we killed all of IRs returners. 25 IR kids came to hit us while PX stayed in CA and we literally pushed IR from CA to singles, giving them the walk of shame and legit losing no one. THIS IS WHY YOU brown sticky stuffTERS WON'T PREP US! We also ended IR's trip after this. Rushed Px and AAO at ruins, AAO ran off so we just focused Px down a few ops, AAO then rushed Px from one side and we slammed them from the other. Px started to run down to corp, so we kept chasing them while AAO disappeared. We pushed them round corp cave and into single when FOE rushed in. So we walked through graves and got a hop. Final fight was against lower tier clan AAO, ST/Prestige and Px. We rushed into multi and AAO followed. We slammed them and pushed them all the way past 13 port. We then focused on ST/Prestige and pushed them south of graves into single. Px then rushed, so we ran into single as AAO rushed them. Having no food and cba banking, we decided to snipe returners and stragglers and killed a bunch. We then walked down to edge with 31 and ended our trip. And a lot more
  18. #AAO|WWW.AAO-RS.ORG|DISCORD BROH AAO sent out with 28 later peaking 30 for our F2p Saturday Trip. We got some good fights vs Supremacy and Sf. We then had a 30 minute return fight vs Fatality, which we became victorious. GF hehe. AAO vs. Supremacy We found Supremacy at east bandits and rushed them matched. We were mainly aggressive with our scims most of the fight. After being up 6-7, Ir rushed from the south pushing both of us north. Good fight. AAO Vs. SF We found Sf at corp hill with 25 and rushed in with similar ops. We pushed them north towards the corp entrance and back to the center of corp hill. We lost no one during the fight lmao. Good fight. AAO Vs SF We found Sf at corp hill again this time they were down a few ops. We rushed in with scims pushing them north. Good fight. AAO Vs. Fatality We saw Fatality at boneyard and rushed them down 3. Trusting our core members, we had a 30 minute return fight vs Fatality. Eventually our returners out classed theirs and we cleared them to 5 ingame.
  19. After running Final Ownage into the ground yesterday, we knew they would try and come at us harder today since P2P is their "playground". 85 EoP members stepped up to take on the 70 or so Foe. Every single movement Fo leaders made were outmaneuvered by the higher IQ clan consisting of the best ranks to step foot onto this game. They spent an entire 30 minutes, that's right, 30 MINUTES trying to cycle through random worlds after being bullied in SAFE ZONE by EoP. When they did decide to come out and play, they were mowed down by EoP any time they attempted to crash a fight. Again, you are welcome pure community. We are here to set an example for current and future pure clans - Forever icons of RS clanning. In short, today resembled the impact EoP has not only Foe, but the entire community - Forcing every clan to fight in one location in an attempt to team on us. In the end, when every clan had ended except us and Foe, they had no choice but to fight us in a clean 1v1 which resulted in a close battle that EoP won in the end. After numerous beat downs at the hands of the pirates, the paranoia set in and Fo ranks were constantly moving to rank channels to discuss tactics: <16:03:36> "[Ted] Ted" left heading to channel "[Foe] Council" <16:03:37> "[holydreams] danny" left heading to channel "[Foe] Council" <16:03:38> "[Adhi] Adhi" left heading to channel "[Foe] Council" <16:03:38> "[Nice Net] Nice Net ツ" left heading to channel "[Foe] Council" <16:03:39> "[Zack] Zack" left heading to channel "[Foe] Council" <16:03:41> "[Demais] Demais" left heading to channel "[Foe] Council" <16:03:41> "[James] Eldar|James" left heading to channel "[Foe] Council" As well as this, they were banning members left and right (members who flamed other clans on their behalf so much): <13:34:48> "[ShootMyFruit] ShootMyFruit"was banned for 5 hours from the server by "danny" (danny wins again) Just like yesterday, Fo openly brought mains to their trips and teamed with them, as seen below: EOP vs IR/Apex/Misfits/Foe/TLP/PX We spent the first 30 minutes or so trying to catch clans in multi zone but no one was willing to come out to match our 85 pures. Instead, we had to pull off a few sneaky tricks which resulted in filling up our inventories with loot from every clan not named EoP. The clan phoenix was fighting Misfits at fog in W25, with TLP and Apex making an appearance. So we hopped on top of them and our tbers tried to catch as many as possible. Eventually the map was wiped off. Shortly after, IR was north of us who managed to kill 2-3 stragglers looting. So we decided to send our full opts north and caught them in a barrage clump. Wasn't really a challenge thereafter since they only had about 50 or so people, most of whom managed to teleport. Foe tried to hit the fight but were not able to since we had over 80 people compared to their 60 at the point, cowering like the dogs they are. EoP vs Falador/Alkharid clans So this was rather a massive cluster, which wasn't surprising given we hit everything and anything that was happening in the wilderness (Where clans are supposed to PK, btw). Virtually every clan was forced to fight in one location to try and team on 80 EoP. I lost count of how many clumps we caught at both locations. Clans like TLP and AAO were also involved but they only managed to hug single and try to single multi EoP as we were being focused by everyone. Eventually we got the upper hand at every cluster and made everyone teleport with their sub 30 pulls. Once again, Foe did not make an appearance as we were always ahead of them. At this point, Foe were being paranoid so they decided to spend some time to try and find our spy - I'll give you a little hint since I'm such a nice guy, he's someone who has been in Foe for a very very long time. Someone who decided enough was enough and took the easy way out. I suggest and encourage all Foe members to follow his foot steps because EoP will only get stronger from here and there will be no option for Foe but to tap out. <13:34:48> "ShootMyFruit" was banned for 5 hours from the server by "danny" (danny wins again) EOP vs FO - Clean 1v1 After all low-tier clans ended, it was just us and Foe left in the wilderness. Everyone on EoP teamspeak was excited and prepared to put Foe to the test, since they are the self-proclaimed kings of p2p. For some reason, Foe decided to defend at single line just south west of spider hill (?), attempting to try and gwas us but we did not fall for their bait. Eventually they went south and we went to directly west of spider hill (multi zone) to defend on the hill. They rushed us and we managed to catch them in 2 10 man clumps as they tried to get on the hill. We made sure our high IQ playerbase froze all their mages in the back and we let the 20 or Foe so on top of the hill die to the 50+ EoP. At this point we were up 15 or so people on Foe, so we told everyone to get aggressive and dump specs, which resulted in Foe being wiped off the map (6 ending on cape counter compared to EoP 40+). We decided to take our loot and log out after virtually no Foe were on the map. Once again, the superior clan wins in a 1v1, despite having countless FO mains ragging our ranks.
  20. Today, Apex massed up 55 hammerhead sharks for our weekly Sunday P2P pk trip. We had a lot of action involving 1v1's and crashing clusters. The day started with a few PKRIs vs UB. We lost the first fight and won the second rematch. While attempting to go for a round 3, FOE tried rushing us at boneyard. Unfortunately for them, they ended up getting sandwiched by both Apex and UB causing them to get fully cleared. We then moved on to crashing Misfits south of FOG in W25. We caught them in huge clumps and cleared them out as FOE crashed. Banking quickly, we teled up to bandit camp and found Misfits in another compromised position. After clearing out all of the clumps, we teled out as EOP crashed. For a third time, we found Misfits and IR in the middle of Falador. Rushing from behind, we were able to make both clans teleport out. Our trip came to an end with 2 PKRIs vs IR. We were able to get a solid lead in the first fight undisturbed. The second fight was a massive cluster from the very start. Thanks for the fights all! RyanB Colin Nerdy
  21. Special Forces sets out with 40 later peaking 45 to the P2P Wilderness. Crash Crash Crash, We tried to get fights and they all got crashed! We did fucking good though Btw we made AAO End with only 28 in game. Just an FYI Respect to Fatality for trying to get clean 1v1's. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ0mfgPRYlQ
  22. Special Forces leaves Mass with 30 ingame to the f2p Wilderness. Trip started off slow in the beginning but as time progressed we were able to pick up the action. We decided to sit in multi waiting on clans to hit us which ended up happening. With only 22+ ingame we were able to stand our ground and eventually get crashed on like usual. We decided to go to random worlds and stand in multi hoping that a clan would hit us. We did this for the last hour of the trip since clans like Supremacy and AAO were dodging us the entire time until we pulled lower then 25. Was a great match up! hopefully next Saturday we do well too! Most frustrating part of this trip was when we had 30 ingame for 1 hour an hour and clans were literally afraid to fight down opts like Supremacy and AAO. Check these logs out. Supremacy Claims to show up but never did. Made us wait over 10-15minutes in multi for them to hit. Bunch of bullbrown sticky stuff in my eyes. AAO Scared to 1v1 even though we had only a +3 and theres no other clan to fight that was pulling low not even Supremacy was in sight. Without a doubt the first hour of warring with a small pull was completely aids but i do in fact love when Fatality hits me up for a matched opt fight and never shows. I guess Fatality would rather hit AAO in singles then fight. Ty For the +2 points. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4VrhwZ2c0k
  23. [Start Time] 2:00 PM EST | [End Time] 3:45 PM EST | [Pull] 38 Apex headed out this Saturday 38 Sharks deep, thirsty for blood! Our trip started out with a fight versus Fatality, whom we fought multiple times throughout the day along with some crash wars against Special Forces and Unbreakable. Phoenix decided to camp us in singles towards the end, so we sent them to regroup before a good fight at 13 ports. Thanks for the action! Nixon https://youtu.be/yeKMCFJFXzs Colly https://youtu.be/dHYkuP_bNic
  24. Topic by @Tiny On this casual Sunday The Hive was Buzzing as we had massed up 55 Killer Bees. Later our numbers peaked at 60 PrimeTimeKillerBeez. Our trip was action packed from beginning to end. Right at the start of the trip we quickly had our rush Falador for our first hit. Our intel informed us of a skirmish happening at Falador so we quickly settled east of Falador Statue in singles. We rushed west and found the clans: AAO, SF, and FOE. We continued to fight all 3 clans till they were cleared. After some tactical movements The Killer Bees remained untouched and now having a 1v1 vs AAO. A few moments later, SF opted to crash the fight from the north. They ended up getting quickly sandwiched and clumped up by both clans. They quickly got cleared after that. We resumed our 1v1 fight with AAO and finally opted to tele out after UB logged in from singles east of the fight attempting to crash, but The Bees had already swarmed out. The next notable hit of the day took place in Al kharid. We logged in on the west side, hitting SF on login. They were in a MASSIVE GWAS. We quickly shifted northwest behind the bank and caught Px in a massive clump and getting rid of the 20 that were left. We regrouped and rerushed the fight, but nothing was left when we got there. After regrouping at bank, Px challenged to fight us, but never ended up showing. Later, we setup a fight with IR at Bandit Camp, but RDv5000 decided to come in rag since they're too poor to afford gear and still, we ended up catching them in a giant GWAS. VIDEOS: @BackWoodsL POV: @MySuicidalGhost /Rihanna POV: Bryan pov PICTURES:
  25. #AAO|WWW.AAO-RS.ORG|DISCORD BROH Today AAO massed up 41 very handsome Cubs to todays P2P pk trip later peaking at 43. Shout out to Fatality for massing 1 hour and barely pulling 35 lmao Our trip would consist of every major clan but i think one of our highlights would be this quick gwas on EOP AAO vs Apex There was a small cluster going on at fog between SF/IR and we on the road to hit that but would bump heads with Apex unexpectedly. We would hold our ground for a good minute until we both got crashed by FOE and then EOP. GF AAO vs 150 FireBirds AAO took on our biggest challenge to date and fought 150 firebirds and won we then beat up intense redemption without banking and won lmao AAO vs Fatality and Control Pker Clan I mean i guess after an hour of massing, FI conspired with control pker to 2 v 1 with the great AAO but looks like it didn't work very well because we made both clans tele out lmao. AAO vs FOE/EOP We quickly banked after fighting BVG and Kimmy Clan and found ourselves in perfect position to take on the big boys. We swooped in to w25 like the lions we are and attacked FOE. We then prepared for EOP to come at us and gwased them in a 20 man barrage clump hehe ty yeah we hit alot of clusters and hit control pker alot alot (look in video). only posted our highlights c: if donald trump is ur president and u think u will be a wife beater in the future, join aao
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