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Luciels Video Editor Service

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I've done plenty of videos for Rampage currently and in the past. This post is for clans who cant make edits or effects on their video. 

All the videos ive done for rampage were HD and quality. If you are need for a video editor for your clan or any pk video, im here for your service.


Question: How to get in touch with me, so I can get your video files and edit them? 


Answer: You can add me on skype so you could drag and drop your recordings on skype, then i can go ahead and edit them.


Question: How much will it cost to get a video done? 


Answer: It depends on how many clips you want in the video, or on how long the video is.


I can be able to add edits or effects on your clips if you want.


Prices will be arranged by lengths of the video.


EX: 5-7 Minute video will cost you around 5m

Also around a 10-15minute video will cost you 7m


Basic prices and of course the video will be edited to your liking.


MSG me on sharkbrew or send me a PM for my skype info if you need to contact me to edit a video.



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Looks like you can't edit, hopefully you start learning on how to do so soon.

Pretty brown sticky stuff quality editing, would not recommend.


Cant really create montages 


But you didnt read well. It's purposely for clans who has people that cant edit their vids properly etc.

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IMO you gotto work on your marketting. There's way too much text in this thread, and the link to your youtube channel contains regular videos (from what I see) - you have to seperate videos that show off your editing skills. The average customer won't spend 20 mins going through your videos with all thumbnails absolutely boring/static-like.

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