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RE: Eruption of Pures Reopens to the Public


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March 30th rolled around and Dull(Tylerrr) closed Eruption of pures' doors for the second time, in the exact same fashion as the first (solo closing eop). Except this time, it wasn’t expected (or at least shouldn’t have been to any of you). Don’t get me wrong, Dull was always going to handle it this way and I hope everyone understood that.
Maybe last time it was worthwhile closing shop, but not this time. You can think of this as koshar wanting to close, and Dull saying no.
This isn’t something I’m doing for myself, it’s something I have to do for EoP and the rest of the clan community and I think the scenario below illustrates that quite well:
When your leader takes down all forms of your clan’s communication without warning and your advisor is off vacationing on the sunny beaches of Cuba with no internet, you expect a disaster. But if I’m honest, everyone was still connected on TS/IRC/Telegram even without a single word from myself for an entire week. That’s exactly how I wanted this clan to be all along - able to run itself. Some thought of EOP as a one-man clan at the core, but that’s been different for a while now. No individual has the time to be online 24/7, and if you’re running a top RuneScape clan in 2017, you best be prepared for that.
Which brings me to EOP’s public reopening.
EoP is reopening as a neutral clan, with Final ownage being the only exception. That crash war still lives on. For all the other clan communities out there (involved in the crash or not), the next move is on you. Our leadership team should be easy to contact if you wish to discuss anything at all.
It’s always sad to see a clan close and we’ve already lost so many recently, but EoP isn’t going anywhere. We never had to close.

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32 minutes ago, Public Relations Pig said:

I made an introduction in a clan after getting kicked, you made a video sharing your "mixed emotions" and shedding real tears lmfao! Stop while you're behind.


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