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Sharkbrew Warrior

midweek Noxious Friday xLPC - The Return Ft. AC, XL, FH, RP, AMB, UF, 3hit, Viet

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50-65 CB Pure? Join Noxious xLPC Clan Today!

Discord: https://discord.gg/DabJjrV | Clan Chat: Clan Noxious



After our old rivals (Ascent) closed, we took a nice 2-3 week holiday break @ Noxious HQ.

Leading into 2019, we heard about all the new clans/teams now in the scene... we're coming back back hungry and stronger then ever gl boys. 💋



On this action packed Friday, Noxious massed up and peaked at 28 Alpha Males while maintaining 20+ all trip.

Majority of today's fights were against clans like Anonymous and Excel pulling relatively similar to us.

Our first fight we setup was vs Anonymous (27v27). They defended on top of 18 ports, we rushed from corp hill bows/scims in hand and they started dropping like flies. GF AC!

The rest of the day consisted of fun 3-4 way clusters between the clans and a few hits on some snipe teams that went out. GF guys!





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Yesterday was a prime example of how dedicated noxious core truly is. phenomenal recruitment skills, organization, communication and overall just fine leadership. This is a clan I can see myself being apart of for years; I love putting forth effort for a clan full of great players and people and noxious is it. Yesterday, not only did noxious come back from the brink of death, but we came out with our heads held high, confidents on fleek, skills and leadership sharper than our rune scimitars. I spent 3 weeks listening to ill informed clans talking about noxious be closed, noxious being dead, yet we step out into wilderness stronger than ever. I would be pissing my gaming chair if I were any other clan; don't pipe when you don't understand the reality of the situation. also I don't own a gaming chair. 

prepare yourself osrs and sharkbrew, noxious has just woken back up. 

ps. sorry, not the prettiest comment, I'm sober and just woke up.

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