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  1. Tango Time

    Wilderness Clan of The Month - February 2019

    Easy for Divine!
  2. Tango Time

    Feedback on XLPC WCOTM & COTM

    We have to prep Immortal AGAIN to win #1? Might be better off having some sort of round robin system/tournament every month where all clans prep each other, getting boring always winning against the same people
  3. uf worst team about, easy mini
  4. midweek was easier then the prep gf imt
  5. Easy smoke! Divine #1 baby kiss the ring! Prep again whenever you're ready
  6. Tango Time

    Feedback on XLPC WCOTM & COTM

    Are the current penalties up to par with the scene? Not sure anyone currently cares about the penalties Should ragging (1-Item Raggers, Lvl 70+ Raggers, etc) be placed in the dispute system? Yes, 65 cb is the current cap for xlpc. Clans shouldn't be bringing 70+ accounts Right now we only cater to main disputes. What if we took the time to eye out for other ways of rag? Yes that would be helpful, although might require more than work than it's worth What else should be added? Encourage clans to not hide in different worlds or sit and fight in singles Should we reward XLPCs who fight OUTSIDE of Falador or Varrock Sewers? (This is to avoid 1-Item Raggers ragging or mains ragging your fights in general) Maybe deducting a small amount, like .10 - .20, to fights that occur in areas easily accessible to rags No, action is action regardless. People will always bring raggers no matter where we fight but sewers and falador are quick returns and good clusters when they occur. Punish where appropriate but don't incentivize against fighting in different places it helps grow the scene when people in pvp world see us all fighting. While this will definitely require much more work from the WCOTM/COTM Team, should we add in a point system restructure for topics that include blatantly 2v1ing? Will be based off POV's Will likely account in a lot of factors in terms unfair pull advantage on one side compared to the other Team-on-crash system requiring logs No, this is hugely dependent on too many factors and sounds like a huge waste of time What counts as unfair pull? How would you stop people hiding ops logged out or no capes so they can claim 2v1? Would this just be for clans or snipe teams as well? What happens if snipe teams crash and focus 1 team? What happens if a team has bad movements and gets stuck in the middle of a cluster? What pull does a snipe team need to be considered 2v1ing? Wildy is wildy if clans pipe up and get focused it's on them Should there be an opt minimum for midweeks or weekends? If yes, then what should the opt minimum be? 10 for midweeks? 25 for weekends? Give me your thoughts Yes, 10 for midweek is basically lower pulling than a snipe team, i think 15 to count for points. min ops for weekends should be same as min for a prep imo so 30 Should we reduce the amount of opts required for a scheduled prep? 30v30 minimum changed to 25v25 minimum Should we reduce the amount of opts required for a BO3? 20v20 minimum changed to 10v10 or 15v15 No, keep amount of ops the same, most clans should be able to pull 30 for a scheduled prep No, lower op fights are more rng based, 10v10 isn't even worth doing most the time Should we not count points for clans that do CWA with non-established clans? (mini teams/snipe teams/prep teams) Applies to BO3'S and Scheduled PREPs No, still count them should encourage more action Should the ending COTM prep require clans to send in a full roster? Would not apply to anything else but the COTM Tiebreaker Yes, full roster no invites Should there be points awarded for clans that participate in Sharkbrew-wide events? Yes, more events please as well Extra points Maybe a midweek day to go out like the weekends. EU timezone is kinda dead midweek so maybe encourage EU and US trips somehow, maybe less ops required for eu midweek trips to count for points. Clan war day midweek for minis. Encourage more preps between all the clans. More 2v2s, rvbs, fun events. Overhead on minis/preps would be fun occasionally DV #1 baby