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weekend Vendetta action packed Saturday FT. Outbreak awkward Teamspeak lol

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On this fine Saturday, the masked men of Vendetta massed up 23 winners, later peaking at 27 for some non-stop action.


Our fights mainly consisted of clusters since most fights took place in Barb Village or Falador in PVP worlds. Every clan was in on the action today, thanks for the fights

boys! P.S. Outbreak thinks they kicked our leak so enjoy the audio from today!

vendiconswarlord.pngJoin #1 XLPC Vendetta today!!! vendiconswarlord.png


Kold POV:

Chalu POV:

Outbreak awkward teamspeak lol: 

PM sammy#2994 on discord to leak 10m/trip

Discord: https://discord.gg/Z6h3YH

Teamspeak3: vd-rs.teamspeak3.com



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18 minutes ago, Brock said:

great audio how was it awkward at all l0l we just beat noxi and apoc while getting ragged by tanks :D 


Didn't ask dude!

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