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[P2P] Supremacy vs DC P2P PKRI

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Supremacy was out here killing shit in the wild like we always do and ended up running into a few DC guys at revs. Knowing we had around the same amount of people pking, we decided to set up a pkriand headed to gdz. Supremacy tigers came together, peaking at 18 strong warriors vs DC and 24 overall the 2-3 hour long pk festivities.


Ended up pking an Elder Maul and Ballista off DC as well has mills from various vennies. Our fight vs Dc at gdz started at a nice 17 vs 20, with them having a little more. We rushed them from the south and instantly caught 3-4 of them off guard, killing them with a few barrage hits. At the same time, a few of our guys ended up clumping and we went down numbers for a short while. However, with great tanking from the gang and even better returning from the rest, we ended up creating a unstoppable hit squad that ran over DC like a fucking TONKA truck. Kill after kill, we gained numbers and so much momentum that we ended up running them to lavas, where we fully cleared the map of blue. We rushed back east to gdz for any stragglers and picked up our shit before calling the bank.
















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