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WCOTM Dec 2019

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Congratulations to FOE for winning WCOTM for the month of December!

We also like to congratulation both Unbreakable and Rage for coming so close inspite of being relatively newer clans


Hats off to Rage/FOE/Legacy for being the top 3 midweek clans for Dec 19



On behalf of the sharkbrew rank team, we would also like to thank the ranks of clans who encourage and push their members out during midweeks to make the pure community presence felt in the wilderness/pvp worlds.

All FOE members please join your clan group to receive your forum medal

@FOE RANKS, DM me on discord to receive your 30m gp







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43 minutes ago, Spiral said:

How lol Rage is #1 activty + wcotm & cotm + i dont see any aftermath from foe/ub ???

:D Foe doesn't even use SB and we won, KEKW

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