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COTM - Jul 2020

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Many thanks to Ranks of Legacy, Fatality and Rage for participating and special thanks to Jamz for summarizing the data:


ly lost 51 ppl in the rounds they won
vs rage r2 - 17 people lost
vs fi r1 - 20 people lost
vs fi r2 - 14 people lost

rage lost 33 ppl in the rounds they won
vs ly r1 - 9 people lost
vs ly r3 - 10 people lost
vs fi r1 - 14 people lost

fi lost 42 ppl in the rounds they won
vs ly r3 - 9 people lost
vs rage r2 - 23 people lost
vs rage r3 - 10 people lost

With Rage losing the least number of people, and with all else equal

Congratulations to rage for winning the first 3 way COTM tiebreaker



Rage ranks drop me a DM for prize gp

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