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⚔️prep Terror v Rage | 30 v 30 | F2P PREP (2-1)

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Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' CC


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Today we massed up 30 shooters for our scheduled F2P PREP vs Rage.  We've faced off vs Rage in the purple portal many times, so we were eager to win this after our KO win vs Fatality last week. All three rounds were extremely competitive, as two of the best F2P pure clans went at it. R2 & R3 we were able to secure the wins. R3 featured Lord Ex power going out (l0l) so shouts out to Shawn and Atoms for stepping up and calling.

Thanks to our friends in Rage for the fights. Hope to do more soon!




Round 1 (Loss)

Terror Starting : 30

Rage Starting : 30

Rage Ending : 6


Round 2 (Win)

Terror Starting : 30

Rage Starting : 30

Terror Ending : 10


Round 3 (Win)

Terror Starting : 30

Rage Starting : 30

Terror Ending : 16




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