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FI - Kryptonite

Fatality F2P 3/20 Clean Pure Action ONLY Ft. L, S, T & A

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Today, Fatality headed out with 50 green lads to have some very honorable pure vs pure action in the Wilderness


Fatality vs Legacy


Fatality set up a fight vs Legacy at West Bandits with Legacy defending the lava. Fatality rushed from the south with scims finding single piles against the dead tree. With superior snares Fatality took the lead in opts scim pushing Legacy forcing them east to single for a regroup.


Fatality vs Cluster


Shortly after Legacy regrouped Terror hit from the south so naturally Fatality fought Terror without banking or regrouping. Shortly Supremacy tried to hit the cluster from the East & Fatality slapped them back to singles with the swiftness. Fatality took the inside of Bandits and bamboozled Legacy into rehitting the cluster. Fatality took them head on still without a bank forcing Supremacy to come out from hugging singles. Fatality moved toward the telespot, Supremacy wasn't comfortable being that far from single so they dipped from the cluster. Fatality had fast as fuck returns and brought the opts back to even with Legacy. Eventually Legacy attempted to pull the fight west but Fatality bowed all of their stragglers causing a clear on Legacy.


Fatality vs Legacy/Apex


Fatality defended the tree on West bandits awaiting Legacy to rush. Fatality pushed ontop of Legacy binders with scims dropping them instantly. Legacy tried to counter but Fatality moved north instead bowing everyone who came inside of the clump. Apex  tried to snipe from the north but the fight moved to the telespot where Fatality out returned Legacy. Legacy moved west to single and Fatality took down Apex in a single scim push.


Fatality vs Legacy+Cluster


Legacy decided to defend the tree this time at West Bandits. Fatality rushed from the south and took over the tree. Even down opts Fatality was aggressive with scims, pushing the fight all over bandits. Apex attempted to snipe from the north but the fight was too far from single for them. Fatality took Legacy to the telespot where superior snares + faster returns kept the opts even. Shortly after Fatality pulled south to the castle then west to pull Apex further to multi, but they wouldn't come. Legacy for some reason decided to walk into singles so Fatality took the fight back to east of the telespot. Fatality continued to slap anyone that decided to come to bandits. When multiple clans came to cluster Fatality took the inside of bandits to hold the entrance, all clans were scared to push in so Fatality rushed Apex one last time before banking.



























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