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  1. u guys literally did nothing u fucking rats ur irrelevant at this point u got into fi capes and still got body slammed
  2. a 3 hour fight uploads 7 minutes of IT lmaoooooo broken clan l00000000000000L
  3. Naw dummy I was there we ain’t Boutta get sandwitch u plebs got gwased down too 20 if a bigger clan hits from the west we gotta push that use ur head before u loose it boy I’m not the one to talk politics with I’m too real look at the footage stop being a downie
  4. We dipped west too fight ly and both rage we smack everyone not just u dogs
  5. U got walked all over gdz like dogs The collar was on too tight soo u was gasping for air
  6. Y’all got noo merit too claim number one until u close or slump #1 for 5 months straight u guys got gwased all trip long got gwased at Gdz hut then ended after lol stop it be honest wit y’all self’s man lol
  7. we were at gdz for. a hour clearing everything u get a cheap shot in towards the end we ran west too get returners we match you guys in ops and u log out pussies lol
  8. These kids got walked from Ca too lvl 1 too edge the Jordai era lol
  9. ngl at this point u was up on us but we kept on returning till u broke in half ur ending pic has noo loot on the ground
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