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  1. Kid Ur Leader Literally Looks Worse Than A Chimp. Stop Piping Up Before U Get Perm Ragged On The Weekends.
  2. kid you're fucking cringe you really scammed someone for $10 l0000000000000000000000000000000l
  3. so...

    dogshit legacy is getting destroyed by arguably the worst clan of all time (fi) on the weekends

    hasnt won a single prep yet l0l

    and is being roasted by spastic aysix

    yikes rough times

    1. R4ngeTAP


      3-0 in p2p btw ain’t u a divine dog I closed you sit down

  4. No one has to take me serious. You've established yourself as the retard of the community. BTW pls stop repeating recycled statements u look cringe
  5. holy shit has legacy even won a prep yet @legacy dogs
  6. you know your clan is shit when even this retard throws shade l000000000000l
  7. no one wants to see your poverty loots looked like a shit rev trip btw
  8. daily reminder the cringe no life freaks in legacy still do teamspeak speeches in 2k19 :facepalm:

  9. Kid you've joined every clan in the game 3x and your first clan was phoenix please fuck off newfag no namer rofl
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