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  1. ngl yall shud 50v50 or something lol
  2. thought yall closed gl finding pkris
  3. https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?app=memberbetting&module=main&controller=events&page=1&id=16
  4. Moni

    invite only The Dojo

    missing white/black/orange/yellow/rainbow belt nawe
  5. Back in the day I used to like p2p wild minis and wud like to try to see if we can do them again rules is usually - no venom, 1 +1 item (SOTD,AGS,Claws,Maul,Balista etc),1 def gear, (No slay helms etc) Any ring is allowed as you can drop before death pm me on disc if yall wanna set them up
  6. How do u edit these, do u just recolor the old one or actually draw over
  7. The missing chromosome, the missing teeth, the dislodged part of his skull or even maybe the fact that he f2p pks on level 50s in 2020
  8. as long as they give action 2 clans i like em
  9. i dnt think there's a need to mention that if he hasn't been processed for it by the law esp after he died so recently, pre fucked up if u ask me
  10. unsure y i was getting hit by 2 meds when we were focusing each other but gj regardless
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