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Everything posted by Moni

  1. actually a decent pov, camp fury for trbrid+melee camp
  2. xlpcs are kinda cringe since they close within 2 weeks
  3. i took 20m from u wym lol (it seems u got upset) (again)
  4. no ur referring to [Outrage] Oliver
  5. even w 70 not rlly worth unless ur using kodai+occult+torm OR ur surging w/kodai or sotd
  6. occult switch isn't worth w/52 pray
  7. ye im jsing i havent seen anything from u so idk what happ to your clan
  8. since its both cwa/wild prob outrage is most balanced but apex has cwa just not wild and sup doesnt have p2p cwa idk what happ to cd and rage is most improved
  9. yall niggas who flame mickey shud really re-evaluate ur lives
  10. bruh this pic layout is so weird is it just me or his rs super detailed lol
  11. @Eevee look at the losers in the pics using mains 😂😂
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