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  1. Downcastt

    Dynasty | New LPC | Welcome to our kingdom

    Awesome another XLPC! Welcome friends, and best of luck.
  2. XL smoked ofc t4t
  3. Downcastt

    xlpc The Plague -XLPC Pure Clan 50-65 CB

    Always positive vibes! Cheers friend
  4. XLPC is hot right now, join up. Solid action today to everyone who participated, lets keep the blood flowing 🤙

  5. Good stuff guys! Good times. Butt puckered up at 1:38 barely tanked 🤣
  6. @Free 6ix9ineyou eat poop. DON'T FREE 6IX9INE ITS A TRAP

    1. Free 6ix9ine

      Free 6ix9ine

      @Downcasttmy nigga is getting released next month with bail. we be shooting niggas again real soon

    2. Downcastt


      He won't be gang banging until that gaping hole that used to be his asshole heals up

    3. Pkeru


      31 minutes ago, Downcastt said:

      He won't be gang banging until that gaping hole that used to be his asshole heals up

      That's my leader rightthere

  7. You only hit us when we were already down several from fighting XLPCs - which can't hit you guys, so really we're just in a big ole sandwich 1v1 you guys are looking pretty rough, we actually 30v50'd you the other day lol Also I would like to argue that your average combat is mid 30s, you've been bringing 60s - and some 70s, and have a ton of 45-50. Yeah you still have some high 30s, not my problem though
  8. I mean it's not POP ;) But I was in POP pre-EOC then leader throughout OSRS Hi Jamie :)
  9. Go gettem tigers! Have a great Sunday and stuff :-)

  10. Downcastt

    Most active LPC mid week?

    LOL RIP fuck you Dave
  11. What is the most active LPC in F2P mid week?