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  1. fucking hell it seems like IR is taking this REALLY seriously, thats sad considering IR is very irrelevant to PX.
  2. easy for daddy clan phoenix px wins again lmfao
  3. can u imagine watching anime in 2018 FREAKS

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    2. Wee-Bey



      btw ur rs character looks like a bundle of twigs lol, how did u do that

    3. Lankz


      I’m triggered

    4. King Dete

      King Dete

      Anime is the brown sticky stuff bro fk u mean

  4. positives: competitive which is fun negatives: the scene is just one big competition of who can care the least, which is very justin bieber
  5. I honestly thought it was impossible to be more irrelevant than IR but Misfits has done it


  6. Eimaj


    oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ub closed
  7. Eimaj


    LOL someone called eimaj gave don an entire 20m then made an extra 120!!!!
  8. Eimaj


    imagine faking your mums cancer to join a runescape clan PAHAHSWHQEDJHWQEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAJHSQ DONT EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN LOLOLOLWJE23JE23UU
  9. Eimaj


    I think you forgot the part where I only gave back 20m then carried on to profit 120m.
  10. Eimaj


    well someone called eimaj leaked to the big bad mean eop for 50m (for 1 weekend btw) and using eimaj's huge snapchat leaks eop managed to do absolutely nothing and SV just closed because no one had the time to step up and lead them!!!
  11. Reminder #1 misfits cancelled multiple trips due to being scared of the big firebirdmen

    Reminder #2 Misfits has STILL NOT challenged us in CWA. Either accept our declaration or never speak about PX again.

    Reminder #3 that the leader of misfits has 2 fingers irl & has the IQ of a monkey.

    Reminder #4 that phoenix is/always will be FAR superior to misfits in EVERY SINGLE aspect of pure clanning.

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    2. Eimaj


      'a whole essay' @Enza  can u see straight?

      u care too much btw HAHAHA

    3. spy4hire


      @Enza i closed mf and ob lmfao



    4. Eimaj
  12. Its really funny to watch all the little rat mf members pipe up on sharkbrew but immediately pipe down when they get asked to prep phoenix. Either prep us or stfu LOL

    1. Juicy


      @Zee his excuse was we gonna use rag/main in prep? Like Make no sense, but ye his clan doesnt either lmao

    2. Eimaj


      l0000000000000000000000000000l legit braindead

  13. yikes u sound fucking angry dude lol calm down and admit your clan is dead and losing to phoenix
  14. yikes, apping to misfits l0l legit the deadest clan atm l00000l
  15. @Misfits

    Query ANY of our ranks on IRC to setup a prep. All talk but no show?

    Either setup a prep or never ever talk about phoenix again.

  16. @Misfits

    Query ANY of our ranks on IRC to setup a prep. All talk but no show?

    Either setup a prep or never ever talk about phoenix again.

    1. Royce


      ^^^real talk though

  17. px-rs.com most active clan and has the best community. you'd love it here
  18. still got smoked in the conquest event tournament by our 2nd team. yiker!
  19. Anyone remembers the moment when Px opened, misfits tried to get involved into F2p? Cuz i do, they Pulled 23 bees lmao

    1. Kanicus


      Idk why you’re making posts about Misfits on Christmas Day when Misfits is slumping your clan and clearly won/is winning this so called rivalry.  

    2. Eimaj


      idk why you're crying on sharkbrew.com on Christmas Day when you're a one server clan in 2017 (soon to be 2018.) Its just justin beiber bro, go smoke more weed you wetwipe

    3. Kanicus


      You’re right, I should pack another bowl 

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