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  1. Kali

    Clan Of The Month - October

  2. we don't waste our glorious aftermath topics on pussies
  3. yeah I got 9m off your boy dabb3d and slaughtered your clan from fog to chaos altar what trip was you at?
  4. orphangang is the reason AAO closed not too long ago. Redemption will be the reason AAO closes permanently.
  5. [11:53am] [AAO]Dabb3d: yo [11:53am] `batman: yo [11:53am] [AAO]Dabb3d: hm u looking for? [11:53am] [AAO]Dabb3d: 3m for irc 5m for stream? [11:54am] `batman: 3x that [11:54am] [AAO]Dabb3d: damn son [11:54am] [AAO]Dabb3d: u dont play haha [11:54am] `batman: deal or no im nmz [11:55am] [AAO]Dabb3d: lemme see what i can do. if i can pull some strings i can pay for it [11:55am] [AAO]Dabb3d: if not then ima have to pass this one [11:55am] `batman: listen [11:55am] [AAO]Dabb3d: hm u guys expecting to pull? [11:55am] [AAO]Dabb3d: ? [11:55am] `batman: RD is a clan full of loyal members i will be the best bet for you [11:55am] `batman: 3x it, your clan will be able to pull it together. [11:56am] `batman: the way i see it, if you get the same treatment this weekend thats another nail [11:56am] [AAO]Dabb3d: l0l [11:56am] [AAO]Dabb3d: true true [12:14pm] [AAO]Dabb3d: i wanr this to be the trip that demoralizes them l0l [12:14pm] [AAO]Dabb3d: to closure So after this conversation I took it upon myself to give AAO false intellect, hammering another nail into their already closed coffin. Come on now AAO ranks, your members know you're not even a challenge. [3:37pm] [AAO]Dabb3d: 9m please? [3:37pm] [AAO]Dabb3d: and what world? [3:37pm] `batman: 9m for locs [3:37pm] [AAO]Dabb3d: yea Thanks for 9m [AAO]Dabb3d Enjoy: