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  1. Don’t be mad you can’t keep a clan open fam
  2. Go to ss if y’all want to rag each other 

    1. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      See you in multi.. and singles.

  3. All i hear is "ping ping ping ping" l0l mute oh btw that brown sticky stuff clan u were in before eop closed
  4. all I hear is ping ping from you mute
  5. ur clan died over a teamspeak leak .. you join eop yet?
  6. LOOK MA I'M FAMOUS.. Please more topics be more obsessed
  7. "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that" - MLK Jr.
  8. Eop and Fs try so hard on a paint game...
  9. Dear FS,

    keep bringing tanks and everyone will leave the scene and yall will close into eop again.. 

    1. Pauna


      @Stewbert aslong as you take your meds idc either fam just looking out for you

    2. Stewbert


      arent u in sup? dont they pull 20s..? @Shaka Zulu or u join eop already?


    3. Pauna


      @Stewbert just a klen frend and can confirm sup has one of the most fun/action pakked trips should check em out

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  10. i didnt know vito was calling for fearless. Hi VITO!!!!!
  11. Join ob its fun

    1. Pauna


      @Stewbert nah i pefer 30v30 - 50v50s how u been tho

    2. Pauna


      @G U L F aren't you that lost little h8 kid? Idk who you are men



      8 hours ago, G U L F said:

      This loser got kicked from foe 3 times,, declined at misfits, his snipe team closed, op closed and his current clan fs (which is also losing btw) labeled  him as loot lmao @Stewbert


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  12. imagine getting hit off in 2k18...
  13. ty sharkbrew can't wait for the 30v30 tourny
  14. outburst = really good clan

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