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  1. BeBrilliant


    I was in the OG one, "df home cc"
  2. BeBrilliant


    unfortunate I suppose > [1:28 AM] Ramie: we searched for like 3hours to see if a clan was called this before [1:28 AM] Ramie: and didn't find anything [1:28 AM] BeBrilliant: i was like 13 [1:28 AM] BeBrilliant: they litterly were green capes aswell [1:28 AM] Ramie: weird [1:28 AM] Ramie: what was their mascot [1:29 AM] BeBrilliant: I dont know man, I was fucking 13 or something [1:29 AM] BeBrilliant: goes like waaay back [1:30 AM] Ramie: fuck i mean [1:30 AM] Ramie: kinda sorry to get ur hopes up [1:30 AM] BeBrilliant: no worries [1:31 AM] BeBrilliant: I was just a kid back then [1:31 AM] BeBrilliant: with the name p0w3rpwnz0r. [1:31 AM] Ramie: but like we legit searched forever to see if a clan was called this and we couldn't find anything
  3. BeBrilliant

    weekend MISFITS 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Ft. 180 Big Beezzzz

    Gratz on 2 yrs misfits!
  4. BeBrilliant

    @vendetta stays getting bullied

    why you vidding on a main lol
  5. BeBrilliant

    weekend [Midweek] 'We Are Ruthless' vs Fatality + Hydra

    question, why is that guy bringing restores?
  6. BeBrilliant


  7. BeBrilliant

    How to improve SB/Pure clanning

    @Satans you can still do 3 rounds, and calculate per round
  8. BeBrilliant

    How to improve SB/Pure clanning

    the score board dont lie, you can gain elo by fighting other clans, how ever at some point you wont gain as much when you're fighting a lower tier clan which makes it realy hard to have a tied score
  9. BeBrilliant

    How to improve SB/Pure clanning

    everybody start with the same skill level at the start. these will change trough out the year
  10. BeBrilliant

    How to improve SB/Pure clanning

    well if they dont want to fight to climb then they also dont have the reight to claim the belt
  11. BeBrilliant

    How to improve SB/Pure clanning

    at the end of the day the incentive is to be the best and for everybody to see that. which should be enough motivation to become the best and get the bragging rights in being so. (+ you get a cool banner to prove it)