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  1. wow fuck sharkbrew for making the word sh1t end up typing like a 4 year old
  2. Took you a year and ten days to reply, were you finally released from your chains?
  3. aye he only uses Discord now to communicate. But last spoke to him a week ago said he's done with the pure scene they tend to pull 30-40 minimum on week days main p2p pking
  4. @@N0VA has his own successful main clan. Transitioned from the pure scene to create it.
  5. xL every summer and Envy when the boy hassan returns <3
  6. Choose Order, Darkness sucks #TeamRiven

  7. ngl all this SK talk when there's only a few active SK membs here. Besides the last version of SK was a snipe unit from my knowledge, been gone for 7months ya know, league is alot better. Shame CD seems to relies on the past though must be compensating for the present ;/
  8. When they make this topic https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/34321-who-is-187/?hl=187 then get slaughtered lol
  9. Aren't you Krave the man of many closed clans?
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