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  1. Rip. RD guys were always pretty chill.
  2. You should b okay joining most clans. The only thing they''ll want you to sit out on is preps as overheads are a MUST. Gl pal!
  3. Cute af Might think about joining.
  4. 1-20 Def and 101 Cmb cap could solve this. The 99 pray 1 def pure(101 cb) will have heaps more benefits than the 52 pray 20 def(100 cb). Mith was the golden era on both pre eoc and on 07. Many people still decide to be 1 def in this case.
  5. They had fun playing Runescape it seems, even if they needed the handicap of mains/tanks most of the years.
  6. The older we get the more immature we get for whatever reason
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