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  1. Amazing pull. Looks like Sup needs to step it up and recruit instead of mass training meds at sand crabs.
  2. Pretty sure you can apply to Supremacy clan with a defence level of 99
  3. Nope, that would be Supremacy ruining the scene with mains
  4. Sup has been doing this shit for years and gotten a free pass by most. Perhaps this is why they cant beat anyone in preps except Fi? Grats Rage
  5. Shame Outrage had to login 15 mains at sperm in a clean 60v60. Maybe no confidence to defeat Fo?
  6. 1. Foe 2. LY 3. IR 4. Sup 5. Fi 6. Fs 7. R 8. A 9. CD
  7. Shout out to all the clans that went out main free. Yall are winners 😛
  8. I mean.. Legacy started with the mains from what I've seen but cmon. This is only going to spiral into the same shit era as last year(main wise)
  9. Nice pull. Perhaps ditch the couple mains though
  10. All the clans that use mains conveniently use the OSRS clients that add mains to your cape counter :o
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