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  1. foxy

    Guess Who

  2. foxy

    lpc Vendetta ~ The Masked Men

    werent u in fo like 10 minutes ago lol
  3. foxy

    pure eop lpc scene golden era b

    this still holds true
  4. foxy

    pure I feel like this deserves a sticky

    yeah too bad im about to do what i did to sv to foe! lol!
  5. yes i agree your clan are fom dogs who got their rank chat leaked l0l
  6. foxy

    How Desperate?

    yes i agree fo still cant win even when they beg sup to get in their capes
  7. I love my haters! (there's a lot of them)

  8. foxy

    Which scene is less toxic?

    i didnt even have to open this topic to know it was a masked anti-eop topic from a moron fo member haha xd