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  1. Started off with Summary Cluster with Legacy, Apex & Rage @ east fog. Had a clean pkri with Resistance @ ca ❤️ Cluster Rage, Legacy @ east gate. Unplanned pkri with Apex @ east gate. Cluster Foe, Rage, Hydra?, RS Clearing RS 2 times @ Gdz 29 kills. 😏 Thanks 4 the action packed sunday boys!
  2. Great calling tbh pretty good from the vid pov. But next time just do the 2 normal rounds then the last round pkri. ofcours they leave after first to 50/100...
  3. good vid but don't get 2 cocky lol 🤣 That was just a random mini. Not even to be proud of. 🤣 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Was a really fun pk trip Thanks for the action packed sunday! Only that small detail at the end of that return fight. (those mains...)
  5. Was fun we need to step it up a bit more
  6. Today Blunt Purez massed up 34 Elite Snipers and later on peaked to 40. Our day started off with a pkri against Fearless ezpz. We heard Fearless had a fight against Rage we fucked that a bit until FOE crashed. We had a quick regroup to snipe off stragglers We then had a planned pkri against CD. When we logged in we just sandwiched Fearless xD At this point CD wanted a clean fight with Wildy gear we decided to give them one Vid here Pandaas pov:
  7. It was fun at start when y'all were returning with normal gear. But towards the ending returning in Blue d'hide & Naked with a staff suiciding mage thats where it began to be toxic.
  8. Great Community, just the clan i've been looking for
  9. Wait a second. Weren't u the bulldog of OB? I'm facepalming to this new age of clanning.
  10. Y2Quak


    Tough??? Give us a prep if u really believe ur words over there. Stop acting like u guys are the brown sticky stuff when u guys don't even want to do a single clan wars event.
  11. Y2Quak


    CD TBR the fact that 50% of the clan got prayer w/o thinking proves loyalty. And hey Prayer is off in Clan Wars so why u mad? Give us a prep and drop those 70s 80s. We'll still smoke y'all the moment u step in wildy.
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