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  1. yeah I agree eop ded main clan
  2. In all honestly

    eop loser clan
  3. The Return.

    gl boys
  4. banter
    the contrary

    how can they take a fake ending when they are legit in the same world as you can see on the minimap lol
  5. update (Dox insinuations)

    eop doxer clan
  6. midweek Uprising Thursday Uproar

  7. cwa Supremacy vs Fatality | P2P PREP [2-1]

    nice one tigers
  8. Serious question

    Just stayed in every clan until closure
  9. missing @exzrts and @Fudog right now fr fr bet cuhhhh

  10. banter
    Crisis in EoP?

    aw eop, good you opened your eyes @Meet Them With Scims