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  1. Singles Trip

    Looking for fights/mini's

    Foe is always down
  2. Singles Trip

    Nox and the burping tale

  3. Singles Trip

    How can you claim #1 and you can't even pull 30?

    Rampage btw
  4. Singles Trip


    Ez for us
  5. Singles Trip

    weekend Rampage Sunday vs. Xlpc scene

    55-65CB CLAN CHAT RP GANG On this great Sunday, Rampage set out with 30 strong pandas to take on the xlpc scene full force. shoutout to everyone for the fun clean action
  6. Singles Trip

    weekend Rampage Sunday vs. Xlpc scene

    That’s what the scene is pulling rn no need to pull more really
  7. Singles Trip

    weekend Rampage Sunday vs. Xlpc scene

    Come home man
  8. Xlpc was super lit today ty all clans for good action 

  9. Foe/rampage on chest 

    1. Repa


      Slithering snake

    2. DilL


      does that mean t-50 is also on your chest too 😮

  10. Fun ass event had a blast special thanks to @DilLfor setting this up
  11. How could I forgot my tpn brother my bad g /:
  12. EOP - Opticals/phebz/h3ad FOE - SUP - howls IR - qower/kane/yak/josh/slaycat/kai Apex - n ranges/Dallas/erase/Adam/down opts 5TEEL Fatality - lennu/pex Misfits - prod Envy - LOL Vendetta - jay Bryan balli Ryan kold lankz WAR - idk cant pick just one lol
  13. He talking about papa bear singles he’s their council
  14. Singles Trip

    Apex Hosting

  15. Singles Trip

    hotguy nh 1

    Nice video
  16. HAHAHAHAHHA why you mad naaldo LOOOL stay below me my nigga
  17. Applicant naaldo slaving away too bad you got cucked lmfao