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  1. Kakarot

    Synergy PvM

    Discord: https://discord.gg/s84AXrb | EST/GMT Timezone | Weekly Events + Clan vs. Clan Competitions Clan Chat: Syn PvM | Home World: 346 Introduction Synergy PvM was created to provide a comfortable home for people who enjoy to PvM and Skill. The goal is to create a family that can grow together. In all, we aim to have fun. With a strong community, we are able to host weekly events which include multiple rewards upon winning. We will also be engaging in Clan vs. Clan competitions which are scored on a structured drop table. Beyond that, we have an collective group of experienced players who have no problem helping beginners. Why Should you join Synergy? Simply, the game is much more fun to play when you have a group of friends to enjoy the game with. Synergy is a place where an individual could have fun on a daily basis while also competing among each other and other clans. A lot of PvM clans today require years of experience and max efficiency. Here, we allow people who are new to this side of the platform to grow and learn from the experienced members that are in Synergy. If this sounds interesting to you, join the discord and start to integrate with our stellar community. I can say with unmitigated confidence that you will not regret it! Clan Leadership Leaders SpinTheBlocc👑 In a Jiffy👑 Tycoon👑 Administrators Rob 👥 Tranquillia 👥 Rylan 👥 Moderators Revamp 👤 LilRyan 👤 Pat 👤 Clan Requirements 1. Gear Requirements - Necklace of Anguish - Amulet of Torture - Ava's Assembler - Dragon Defender - Barrows Gloves - Dragon Warhammer / BGS - Fire Cape / Infernal Cape - God Cape (i) - Elite Void set 2. Level Requirements ** We do have a rank for build restricted members (pures, zerks, mids etc). PM a Mod+ if this applies to you ** - 120+ Combat - 1750+ Total Level - 70+ Agility - 77+ Prayer (Augury, Rigour, Piety) - 90+ Magic - 90+ Range - 90+ Strength
  2. Kakarot

    Leak's Graphics Shop

    Leaks is a beast! Great work from a great person. Service is always clean and fast. Big ref
  3. Kakarot

    Resurgence Saturday out ft Vengeance/DK

    if you aint got haters, you aint doin it right #resurgence
  4. Kakarot

    Sunday: Renegades pk's loot at caves

    big looties for rng
  5. Discord: https://discord.gg/hpsfTCy OP: https://renegades-rs.com/index.php?/topic/1039-sunday-big-pk-ft-ibliys-randoms/ Renegades massed up on calm Sunday afternoon. We ran through rev caves and amassed a huge amount of loot. We ran into Ibliys a few times and although they put up a good fight, it wasn't enough. Renegades was victorious again.
  6. Kakarot

    Single spells Renegades vs Playdead

    ty for the fight pd
  7. Kakarot

    Friday: ~Uncontested PK~

    rng so strong
  8. Kakarot

    cwa GMT Vs EST 55v55 | 3-0 - Voice Coms.

    nice! gz
  9. Kakarot

    Saturday - Crushing Ct X2