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  1. Dragon Hally

    cwa Final Ownage Elite vs Intense Redemption F2P Prep 3-0

    ir is really bad
  2. Dragon Hally

    All bark no bite - the last 3 preps vs supx

    eop closed 8 times in 5 years lol
  3. Dragon Hally

    lpc Join Jungledash66 [Levels 30+] (Starting a New Clan)

    Maybe ir can compete with you.
  4. Dragon Hally

    Why do we clan?

    the clans that are bringing the most mains are still losing the rivalry... ir and apex
  5. Dragon Hally

    cwa CWA vs Supremacy

    was fun, next time we should do 3 rounds of single spells
  6. Dragon Hally


  7. Dragon Hally

    It's not rocket science

    how many times closed eop rofl
  8. Dragon Hally

    How Desperate?

    IR was the first clan that brought mains in the rivalry vs sup, (wasnt really a smart idea ) Foe didnt bring any mains in the rivalry vs eop. eop couldn't compete without mains so they had to bring 60+ and still couldnt clear foe.. which is pretty awkward EOP is a joke please close already and never open again. You're just embarrassing yourself. Maybe you should full out eachother in clan wars, because eop will never win a fair fight in the wildy.
  9. Dragon Hally

    Who won?

    sup destroyed ir foe vs eop was close ( eop brought like 60 mains ) foe won imo