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  1. I don't even understand why they continue to embarrass themselves like this, they should just hurry up and close. There is no place for them in this scene. They are the biggest cry baby clan, biggest hypocrites and never win a damn thing. They are absolute garbage, and we just step on them every weekend.
  2. apparently the mentality of IR leadership is 'if we lose in the wilderness but don't let our members look at sharkbrew it's easier to claim fake wins' and boy does it show.
  3. yikes imagine having to pay people to attend your trips must be because they're on a 6 or 7 loss streak in the only place they can hide from sup... CWA they just got 5-0'd last night by apex in f2p l0l
  4. I think I've figured out IR's typical game plan! It happens on a cyclic basis. Step 1: Make the excuse of not being able to pull until 8pm est to never prep Supremacy, despite getting preps against multiple other clans at regular prep times. Step 2: Suicidal tendencies of IR leadership lose wilderness fullout and/or return fights to Supremacy. Sometimes even being as dumb as to keep returning until they have 11 remaining returners or less. Most recently losing 60+ people from their trip before ending. Step 3: Profit? Only thing different about this time is openly cancelling their weekend to avoid us. Awaiting the closing topic from Zo.
  5. Timeline of events: ASSPEX, IR team on supremacy, both losing consistently. IR cries for help to eop- Eop obliges. Asspex comes out of slump due to our attention being set on Eop who tried to crash every single fight we got vs any clan (alongside IR) **AND IR's LEVEL 3 BOTS IN CAPES FOR COUNTER LOOOOOL** Asspex rejoins the rivalries they dickride on because they're too bitch to man up and fight foe themselves so they snipe for eop and they snipe for IR who also dickrides eop because eop helps them. Eop gets slumped by foe on their anniversary just as IR had slumped from us railing the shit out of them on theirs. Ir panics, bots mains and buys them because Eop isn't as much of a help as they once could because they're busy getting fucked and demoralized by foe. It is now basically an unofficial 2v3 Rivalry due to clans having no choice but to clusterfuck if they want action against their rivals because the "rivals" are trying to 3v1 both SUP and FOE so of course what else is going to happen. Situation is as it currently stands. Scene has not changed, it's been this way for a long fucking time, nobody cares. Eop has been bringing mains forever, AAO was literally reduced to a 15 man main clan at one point, CP was a main clan at one point pretty much. SV got bullied out of the main scene at one point when they actually officially switched and started hitting pure weekends because they couldn't hang with the big dogs. There is no such thing as mainless saturdays. There never has been, there never will be. Almost every clan has participated in some way shape or form because what the fuck else do you do, get camped by mains and say fuck it we're the winners because we didn't use them!!!! If you do that your members have shit trips, and inevitably leave the scene with a bad taste in their mouths. Let's stop making topics about it because it's not going to change IR declined the last full out declaration btw, tails between their legs. Here's to hoping they grow a set of nuts and do it.
  6. After IR and EOP anniversaries, something tells me they are not going to be down for this. Just a thought.
  7. I am a fucking rank I just haven't applied for embassador, now that you won't move it you got phil copy pasting my post -.- fucking effort wasted
  8. edit is done if moni or k0ed can go ahead and move it to the declaration section or something @Moni @Koed Beastly
  9. happy to do so didn't bother because I can't post in the actual declaration section.
  10. Official Clan Declaration Name of your clan: Supremacy Name of clan you are declaring on: Intense Redemption Attach screenshot of your clan's memberlist(MANDATORY screenshot, no links): Attach screenshot of declared clan's memberlist(MANDATORY screenshot, no links): Unreachable. Fight server type(omit one): F2p Minimum opt count(50% of Memberlist) Fullout Def cap: 20 Other rules: July 21st, Saturday, 3:00 pm EST 2 Rounds Classic, 1 Plateau All PKRI You can bring apex since I know you won't pull 100 on your own l0l You already gave us 800m.. You already lose to us 2v1 in every fight. You still refuse and avoid preps from us lmfao.. You're still losing this one sided rivalry.. Your brain-dead rank staff cant cling on to cringe propaganda spams anymore. Accept the full out and give us another win over your dead clan, you have no legacy anyway lmfao.
  11. just moments after lord ex started piping up about "OHOHOHO I CLOSED PX" in the sharkbrew discord https://gyazo.com/1d1c86c624facdbf9ccebb8a6a048a30 Get fucking camped, and killed repeatedly. You couldn't close your fucking front door let alone a clan.
  12. typical tactics though, spam printscreen whole fight scroll through to find one picture of a clump claim a win... at least this time they didn't have the sack to tele up and get a fake spam pic with no skulls
  13. This is no surprise, this is what we do. Sup is the wrong clan to rival with if you actually want a fucking W.
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